Tiong Bahru, Haji, & Parkview Square Exploring

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Part 1 of our February 1st adventures!


Tiong Bahru

Met up with Tessa and her friend Alastair to have brunch at Tiong Bahru market. I was quite late as usual but surprisingly Tessa was late as well LOL. Poor Alastair waited and waited for us omg. Sorry Al lol! Both of us cab’ed down there as expected LOL.


Love how we’re so in sync hehehe


Cheap and yummy!


Classic hawker centre desserts lol


Ya’ll see this girl! No manners 1! People taking photo still come and block. Jk love you Tessa <3 LOL


Cute little cafe we went to take a pic of but didn’t actually go in LOL so bad sigh.


We had a tiny bit of snacks at Tiong Bahru Bakery instead.



Me being silly :) Tessa “cannot tahan” hahahaha.


Haji Lane

We then took a bus to Haji Lane to be a little more touristy :P


Alastair was judging us for being touristy >:(


Al in the back like “can this girl be more touristy?!


Parkview Square

Walked by this place and thought it was so cool-looking. Insisted we go in to have a look (no ragrets). At first we weren’t so sure if we were allowed, because the place is actually an office building. But whatever, we’re tourists :) LOL.







Bonus from Tessa’s snaps: behind the scenes of me being derpy. I’m also clearly a master at walking backwards LOL
and pardon my sloppy attire :( I was dying from the heat.


Next post: second part of today’s adventure… at SkyVille @ Dawson!

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