Bath & Body Works Haul iii

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The biggest haul yet LOL! Oh dear. It just gets crazier and crazier doesn’t it…

Okay so this is actually a combination of 2 hauls?? Cause I didn’t take any photos of the stuff I bought last trip a week ago when I went to Metrotown with Alex! I had found out that there’s a Buy 3 get 4 sale again so I went and got stuff for myself and my cousins. And my dad and Louisa for (part of) their birthday gifts haha :P… Happy Birthday!

How can you say no to Buy 3 Get 4 Free?!?!

Loooove this scent!

Got these for my dad! They were buy 2 get 1, and I used a 20% off coupon on these.
I should’ve added one more small item to the total to use the $10 off $30 coupon really.

The mess in my room… yeah… oh boy… LOL
And yez… my luggages are still sitting in the corner of my room since coming back from Singapore.

Hand sanitizers were 5 for $5. Limin wanted 10 LOL and Fang wanted 5. I got 5 for myself as well. And then later I found out that I had misinterpreted Limin’s messages and got her the sweets stuff when she didn’t want them… so, gotta go exchange them next time!

Added 3 travel-sized items (the Love & Sunshine, Oahu, and Kauai in the pic below) as they were 3 for $10, to make the total $30 for $10 off with the coupon.

And this is the combined haul from the 2 trips, minus the stuff for my dad and Louisa and a bottle of Beautiful Day for Alex :). I got Louisa the Waikiki shower gel + body lotion. So tempted to keep them for myself lolol.

The first row are Limin’s stuff (she got 2 items for her dad too, so sweet :3 hehe), and the second row are Fang’s. Fang didn’t give me a list so I had to pick the fragrances for her. After all that effort… she’d better like them all lol!! I got 3 x Buy 3 Get 4’s the first trip and good thing we had a ride that day hahaha. During the 2nd trip, I went after work and took the transit that day… so I had my laptop with me and all. 重死我!!

Got myself the Love & Sunshine I mentioned in the first haul! Love it! Currently using the travel-size body lotion as my hand cream haha. Oh and the 2 random bottles of hand soap was, well… cause they were $3.50 each, that day only :X hahaha.

Okay I can’t be bothered to calculate the costs here this time, nor take photos of the new coupons (they’re not that nice anyways). So… until the next haul…!

I’m supposed to help Kevin’s mom get some when there’s still Buy 3 get 4 lol… I think they should just start a Bath & Body Works Membership thing. I’d probably be in like the top membership tier hahahaha :X…


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