Espuma with Hedy!

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Found my current favourite waffles in HK!. We went to this Spanish restaurant across the street from where Kevin works to have dinner with Hedy and Wilson today (well, several hours ago, last night?? lol) as they’re in HK too. Their menu looked intriguing when Kevin was browsing on Openrice, and dinner turned out great! Satisfiiiieeed :) .

Kevin and I shared this Punchy Peach Juice with Jasmine Green Tea [HKD$38]. Not sweet at all so good for those who like unsweetened tea!

M11: Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawn [HKD$88]. This smelled sooooo good. Doesn’t taste as good as it smells but still not bad!

T2: Truffle Fries [HKD$68]. Kevin liked this better than the one from Glasshouse, but I think I liked the Glasshouse version better.
These fries are not as crispy, but come with bits of ground meat. Hedy and Wilson seemed to really love it too!

M10: Fettuccini con Portabello y Crème Trufa [HKD$98] (fettucini with portabello mushrooms in Truffle cream sauce).
These are some fat fettuccini lol but it was pretty good! Very truffle-y.

M2: Fish n’ Bites [HKD$98]. The fish was very soft and tender (almost just melts in your mouth), but a tiny bit too salty for me.
We made a mistake and ate this last, so the skin wasn’t crispy anymore except the ends. So… eat the fish right when it arrives!!

M8: Arroz con Calabaza y Espinacas con Crème Trufa [HKD$108] (risotto with braised pumpkin and spinach in truffle cream sauce).
These are the driest risotto I’ve ever eaten LOL but it was actually not bad! Very truffle-y too. (If you haven’t noticed by now, I love truffle lol.)

Uh, took a photo of the menu this time. LOL! But not the drink menu (oops…).

Good thing we had room for dessert! We decided to try these Moffles (which I think are waffles with mochi mixed in the batter?) cause they sound quite interesting hahaha. Kevin and I got W7: Matcha Craze Loco [HKD$88] (not sure why they need to emphazy “crazy” twice in the name lol), with hazelnut ice cream that is apparently too sweet for Kevin. I loved it though, it’s so flavourful! Overall I loved this Moffle dessert much better than the waffles from Coffee Alley …heh!

Hedy and Wilson got W6: Japon n Crème [HKD$88] with strawberry ice cream.
They were initially gonna get the raspberry sorbet but the restaurant was out of the sorbet.

We were kinda making fun of the green tea cream and red bean paste (lol so childish!) but gosh darn were they GOOD! Hedy and I were trying to pack as much green tea cream as we can onto what were the remainder of our moffles hahaha. The red bean paste was good too, nice and pasty and not too sweet!

My kinda failed attempt at capturing the restaurant sign lol.

We had forgotten to take a group pic at the dinner table, so we took one right before we parted ways. Then while walking away, I realized we had left the boys out LOL ooooops… well… maybe next time hahaha!

Have fun during the rest of your vacation guys! Eat lots of yummy food in Taiwan for me :’) *jealous*.


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  1. Cin
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    Yummy food! It looks like you are having a blast in HK =)!!

    • Cheryl
      | Reply

      Wahahha just eating and eating and getting fat (all my posts are like food posts LOL). Come join me!

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