Chit Chat & Brunch Club

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So originally Raymond and I were only gonna meet up on Monday because he thought he was only free that day, but turns out he had more free time on Tuesday and Wednesday as well so we met up again and continued our chit chat.


May 5th

Pretty much just met up in Taikoo and after getting some drinks and icecream we went and sat down at the food court to chat for a few hours LOL. Then we took quite a few pictures too because we forgot to take some that day we went to Allegretto and Via Tokyo.

Inside joke pose; don’t judge my bes fwen. Only I can judge him… jk… not…

Yummy drinks, yummy ice cream!

After Kevin arrived, Raymond went off to his dinner date. I was starving so we went to get some McD’s before going home for dinner. I love Asian McD *____*!! Why can’t North American McD’s be as cool and innovative?


May 6th

Found this place called Brunch Club on Instagram and we decided to go have (late) brunch here! There are actually two locations, Central and Causeway Bay, but I chose to go to the Central location cause it kinda looked nicer in the photos… but…

We almost freggin died getting there. Ray’s Google Maps pretty much brought us around in circles. I don’t even remember how long it took us to get there LOL but we looked and felt like we ran a marathon cause it was so. freggin. HOT.

I’m sorry for showing the world your new pair of wings… but… I kinda had to include this photo… yea…

Was gonna get a hot drink (for the pretty designs looool) but decided to just get cold because I really needed to cool down. Got a mocha (lol seems like the only type of coffee I drink right hahaha I LAV CHOCOLAT OKAH.) and Ray got a Caramel Macchiato (?).

This is how Instagrammers do.
Dude that looks like a smiley face on your shirt LOL :X

Our food just looks beautiful :’)

I got the Eggs Benedict with Spinach and Ray got the one with Parma Ham. I must say they’re both yummy (satisfied after literally going through hell to get there), but the spinach could really be cut/chopped down to smaller pieces. It was kinda hard to slice/eat… but otherwise it’s still good :P. I also loved the hash brown even though my favourite is still A&W’s hash browns <3

And here is the memory of Ray’s failed attempt at swapping eggs bennies with me LOL just beautiful. It literally fell flat on its face. Sad but hilarious scene because I think the both of us were already worrying about that happening the moment he picked up the eggs benny.

Another funny incident was that… not sure why but the staff turned off the A/C at one point of time and I was like wuuutt thaaa..? So when our server came by I was like “Um… (pointing) is the A/C..” “On?” “Yes please thank you LOL”. #noshame

On the way to look for Kevin but not really lol

We went and walked around the buildings around Landmark while waiting for Kevin to get off work.

See ya in Vancouver Waymong!

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