Jan 28-31 Hangouts

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Could not think of a better title cause these were pretty much days of hanging out / shopping with le fam jam! LOL


January 28 – Orchard with Tessa

Went to have my 2nd breakfast of the day with Tessa and her cousin/cousin-in-law hahaha. We met up in Orchard (Somerset?) and had a classic Soft-boiled Eggs and Kaya Toast breakfast. Then we pretty much walked/shopped around for the rest of the afternoon.


Did a little shout-out to our SG gals back in Vancouver LOL

Our cheapy cheap toast and eggs breakfast.


Saw this VR thing at Cineleisure. Didn’t try it out cause I’m a cheap ass hahaha.


We got really hungry from walking so we had a quick bite at McD’s!


January 29 – Raffles Place with the cousins

Went for a quick shopping / eating hangout with the girls. We had Paris Baguette (which wasn’t very good tbh, or at least this branch we ate at).


January 30 – Noodles lol

Forgot what else I did in the day but I think I stayed home and did some work LOL. We had home-made Fuzhou noodles for dinner! YUM.


January 31 – Orchard with Steph

Had Mee Goreng or whatever for brunch hahaha before heading down to Orchard again to shop with my doll of a cousin Steph!



Began pouring shortly after I ate.


Wandering around in Sephora.


Waited for Steph to get her haircut before we began walking around. Poor Steph was so busy with school/work that she barely has had the time for herself to even run errands. So I kinda just accompanied her while she did what she had to do! We had sushi for dinner at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.


We were so hungry (or at least I was LOL) that I didn’t even bother to take a proper pic. This is the only one I took and it turned out blurry fml.




Then I took the cab home. Speaking of which, I pretty much cab’ed or Uber’ed almost all of my entire stay in SG OMG. <insert emoji of cash flying away>. Majority of my spending probably went to transportation lol sigh.


Late night shenanigans hahaha. Sorry not posting the entire story event LOL but basically there was a lizard in the kitchen that kept making lots of noise each night I go down for a late night snack or whatever. Follow me on Snapchat “ch-ryl” (yes someone took my handle goddamn) if you wanna see more interesting stories I post hahahaha.


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