Full Of Crab + Cé La Vi

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February 3rd – First actual day of hanging out with Joy :P. Tessa brought Joy around to Orchard and the Tiong Bahru area again yesterday and also during the day today so I did not follow them. Just stayed home and did some work! Tessa already had dinner and CÉ LA VI planned for tonight, so we just followed along with her plan. Dinner was at Eldric’s restaurant, Full Of Crab!

Okay this post is gonna mainly contain snaps LOL. But don’t worry, I won’t post them all… took way too many ._.”!!


Full Of Crab





Jon got to try on the mascot suit LOL


Just realized Joy missed the “L” in my name hahahaha. Oh silly.




First time going to the roof of Marina Bay Sands! Omg I know… I’m so late. But better late than never!!






Dis view doe



We got to join the VIP seating area o_o. Lol Eldric in the back!


Then we joined Eldric’s brother’s table cause they closed ours since we didn’t stay there :X


Joy looks fine but what you didn’t know is that she was pooped out at our original table LOL.
I will probably get murdered if I posted that snap. Or maybe I just sounded too crazy in it :P.


Like… who took this pic?! Hahahaha


Cause we all need one of these kinds of photos with a view like that right?


6 Jäger’s + 3 champagnes are actually nothing lol…


Only food on my mind at all times :’)
But we didn’t actually get food :( we all went home right after!

Round 2 tomorrow tho…

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