Dim Sum & Roses

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Last day of Limin’s stay! Today is just a chill day while we have our last meal together before she did some last minute shopping and then went off to meet her friend at the airport for dinner. For lunch we went to this place recommended by a friend on Facebook after seeing me post a photo of the Hello Kitty restaurant we went to.


Dim Dim Sum / 點點心

We went to the location in Mongkok. It was POURING! The restaurant in Mongkok is kinda small, not sure what the other locations are like (yet). We had to line up for a little while, and then got seated at the end of the restaurant at this crappy looking table LOL.

Here’s our order! (+ a simple veggie dish that came later).

Limin insisted that these pig buns are super cute. I didn’t think so and we almost had a fight. LOL jk.
But I still think our T&T pig buns are cuter hahahaha.

The small 菠蘿包 [pineapple buns] were hmmm… decent?

The piggy 流沙包 [molten salted egg yolk buns] were not bad!

Pretty flowy. But both of us have yet to taste the kind that has their egg yolk oozing right out after a bite.

Our orders (before I added more for Kevin later)! I realized I forgot to take a photo of my favourite dim sum… the 咸水角 [Ham Sui Gok / fried pork dumplings?].

Limin then went off to buy some stuff that her mom and friend requested for when we were sorta done eating. I then ordered more for when Kevin arrives, and this middle-aged couple sitting beside me were freaking judging me so hard. I’m assuming they didn’t think I understood Cantonese and kept talking about me right beside me. About how much we ate and how much more I’m ordering as if I’m crazy. So what even if all the extra food I’m ordering are for myself? Just because I look small/skinny, it doesn’t seem right for me to be eating this much food? To be honest I don’t even think we ordered that much even if it’s just for 2 people LOL. Aaaaanyways. Pfft.

Kevin wanted 燒賣 [Siu Mai / pork dumplings].

I was surprised to find a quail egg inside! I love quail eggs nom nom nom.


Make It @ Langham Place

Went here to get our dessert cause I saw some photos of these pretty rose ice creams on Instagram! We had 3 people so I got to try 3 flavours hehehe. The matcha flavour is nice and thick, but there’s pretty much no sweetness at all, good for those who love strong matcha flavours and don’t mind the lack of sweetness. Hokkaido milk is nice and creamy, but it’s rather light/could be more flavourful! Strawberry’s not bad but kinda sour.

We ended up swapping cause Kevin could hardly taste the hokkaido milk, and strawberry is his favourite flavour anyway hahaha.
I think he might have not tasted the milk as much cause the ice cream was still very cold? *Shrug*

Sour LOL.

Last selfies before she goes back to SG.


Caffé Superior E / Italian Tomato??

Kevin and I continued wandering around Langham Place after Limin left. We bought some T-shirts from Uniqlo (Star Wars T-shirts to be exact hur hur hur). We looked at many restaurants until finally going into this one cause the menu finally spoke to us lol. I didn’t even remember the name of this restaurant and didn’t take any photos of the menu (as usual…) so I had to do some googling for the name of this place… and honestly I’m still not sure because the restaurants listed on Langham Place’s website, photos, and menus don’t really ring any bells! I will update this again along with the proper names of the dishes when I find out.

Some type of pesto pasta.

Some type of creamy pasta with smoked salmon and mushrooms.


Gah… I WILL find out the names and have them updated!!

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