Bar Hop + Cé La Vi Round 2

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February 4th – More night life for Joy’s final night in Singapore!

Before the evening, I did some work at home and then had dinner while I waited for the girls. After dinner, the family got to enjoy an interesting “gold” cake. Think it was a walnut cake.


Then I got a ride from my cousin-in-law to Raffles Place! He was going to the gym with my cousin in the area, so he asked if I wanted a ride. I didn’t wanna go through the whole trouble of transiting/cabbing so of course I took the offer hehe.


But I was almost an hr early to meet the girls…!!


Tried to admire the view I had…


After wandering around for a bit more I decided to come back here…


And then I set out to look for the bar we were meeting at – The Mad Men Attic Bar!


I was melting from the heat. After wandering around a bit more trying to look for the bar, going up to check out the bar by myself and then back down to look for the girls (who were having a hard time locating the bar as did I), ((plus a couple of pissy snaps later LOL)) they finally arrived and we went up to the bar together.


Alcohol is expensive in SG…


Wayne and Wayne @ Mad Men Attic Bar. They’re so good!!



Then we began making our way from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay to meet Al and El!

Joy: “I’m not gonna drink anymore. I’m done.” LOL Yah right…




While waiting for the guys…..


Tessa and I were laughing at the innocent Joy’s “Ah Lian” squat.


And then we tried to be funny… :X


We just weren’t feeling it at the bars LOL



After much persistence Joy finally got her wish to visit CÉ LA VI again LOL




…oh Joy :P


We actually ate this time! At Fei Fei Wanton Noodle LOL (my name)


Man… all these snaps. I should just vlog next time :P…
End of our crazy night life! I think. Hahaha. Wish Joy could’ve stayed for longer! The next time us 3 girls will be together again will be back in Vancouver <3.

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