Parkview Square + The Refinery

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February 5th.

A chill day spent with Limin! We walked around the Bugis area and I had to visit a store in Haji Lane to exchange something I bought. While in the area I made Limin visit Parkview Square with me again because I really wanted to check out the inside of the building LOL.




Love how the ceiling has a steampunk vibe!! Omg I love it so much :’)


Haha at first glance it looked like Plato was giving the finger LOL


Mmmmmmmm more steampunk vibes.



Haji Lane

Actually took a pic of Haji Lane this time LOL


Met up with the little bro hahaha.


The Refinery

Limin and I originally wanted to try out some salted egg yolk croissants at Antoinette. But they were sold out, so we decided to go somewhere else and save Antoinette for another day. Decided to try out The Refinery since reviews were apparently good for it, and they had salted egg yolk onion rings hahaha. We just wanted to satisfy our salted egg yolk craving. Looked like a decent place when we got there. Quite hipster if you ask me (google pics for the place LOL I’ve became so bad at blogging these days… keep forgetting to take pics of stuff that kinda matters).


Limin wasn’t really hungry so she didn’t order anything other than the appies we were sharing. We got the Salted Egg Onion Rings [SGD$13], Nori Agedashi Tofu [SGD$10], and Cauliflower Fritters [SGD$10] to share. Ben and I each got a rice bowl with an add on of 72 degree Onsen Tamago [SGD$3] (damn is the egg pricey or what?).

For drinks, I got the King Georges Punch [SGD$16] which sounded really good (Rum, Amaretto, Strawberry Puree, Passionfruit Puree, Pineapple Juice) but tasted like….. medicine?! I didn’t like it, sigh. Ben got the Yuzu Mojito and Limin got the Earl Grey Gin Tonic [both also SGD$16]. The mojito tasted alright, but the Earl Grey wasn’t flavourful enough.


Cauliflower Fritters. I almost always order this dish whenever I see it on a restaurant menu hahaha. I love cauliflower! Sadly this wasn’t that great. Maybe I had my hopes too high. The cauliflower weren’t very crispy at all. But the dipping sauce tasted quite good tho! It’s apparently wasabi mayo, and I don’t even usually like wasabi. The only wasabi I would eat is like… wasabi peas LOL.


Nori Agedashi Tofu. Meh. I know Agedashi Tofu’s are kinda hard to pull off especially when they come sitting in “soup”. But as I recall, our tofu’s also weren’t really crispy at all… :( ! The seaweed taste was also barely there.


My Refinery Bowl (SGD$9) + 72 degree Onsen Tamago add-on (SGD$3). I felt that the portion was too small! Apparently you pour the egg into the bowl of rice and mix it up to eat it. Tasted alright, nothing really stood out for me though :\.


The Salted Egg Onion Rings (in the chinese take-out box in the first pic) was crispy I’d give them that LOL. But the salted egg taste pretty much only came out from their “Salted Egg Yolk Custard Sauce”. Looked like there were bits of salted egg yolk on the onion rings, but the taste wasn’t that noticeable.


I dunno why our experience turned out like that (kinda bad if you ask me lol) but I might give the place another chance and try them out again in the day time. I think it probably looks/feels nicer in the day time anyways.



Went to Mustafa in Little India to shop around for a bit before heading home!
…I really need to work on not looking like a derp at the beginning of my snaps goddamn.


Oh yes and Limin got me Tokyo Banana from Japan! Hehehe. Tasted just okay actually LOL but they’re so cute.


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