Chill days, June days

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Taking it easy for the end of May and beginning of June, discounting the fact that I’m going to Disneyland (again) tomorrow LOL. Here’s a quick update of the past 2 days.


June 1st

Kevin finally got the Brown Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake from Maxim’s for me to try! They were sold out of the cute Brown & Cony dessert cups unfortunately :( ! The Brown cake actually tastes better than I expected. Except for the chocolate deco bits. Tasted a little funny to me.

Cony is a cheesecake hahah

 The cute dessert cups that I wasn’t able to get :(

The actual cake.

Daaaaahhh!! Sollie Brown~

Not bad!

The cake was supposed to come in this cute box. But it didn’t; not sure if they ran out or what :T.


June 2nd

Went to Lai Chi Kok with Kevin’s mom to look around at what was supposed to be “wholesale” malls. We only walked briefly through maybe one and a half of the malls, but most of the items we saw were around the range of HKD$150 or more, which is expensive considering they’re marked “as wholesale prices”, and if you’re comparing with 旺角中心 (Argyle Centre, one of my favourite places to shop in HK). In 旺角中心 it’s easy to come across items around HKD$40-50 range. But I gotta admit, the items I saw at the Lai Chi Kok malls were of a wider variety (a lot more Korean styles) and many of them I’ve never seen in 旺角中心 or even in Kwai Chung Plaza.

Our quick and easy Yoshinoya meal before heading to Lai Chi Kok (and that I Instagram’ed).

Got this cute Baymax magazine (which I exclaimed about on my Fb) at Circle K when we were gonna go get drinks. Will post some (or if I’m in a good mood, all lol) of the inside pages later. I was so happy flipping through this magazine. Gotta brush up my Japanese skillz though :X… so I can read more fluently!

The items that came with the mag!

Cute sticker :)

We went to 旺角中心 after chilling around at McD’s having our drink/sundae cause there was still time before the stores close (at 10pm).

Saw this cute Mickey and Minnie earrings [HKD$99] at one of the accessory stores! Didn’t get it although it would’ve been fun to wear it to Disneyland! What I did get on this trip though, was 3 dresses! Didn’t take pics of the dresses as they’re still packaged and wrinkly, but next time I’m photographed in those dresses I will proabably update them on here :P.

Good tip for shopping at 旺角中心: some stores are more willing to cut down prices for you especially during closing hours so they could bump up their sales quota (I’m assuming) at the last minute. 2 of my dresses were originally HKD$199, and at the first dress store I visited, I managed to bargain for HKD$130. Several stores down was another dress store that’s probably by the same owner because they were selling quite a number of the same dresses. The girl tending this store was younger and much nicer, and I managed to bargain for the 2nd dress to be sold to me at HKD$100 (half price!). Got another dress from this same store as well cause the girl was willing to give me a little more discount for it as well (although she initially kept refusing).


Next Up: Disneyland Hong Kong (trip #2)!

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