Thailand Day 6

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Day 20 of our Asia 2014 vacation / the final day of our 6-Day Thailand trip!

Siiiiiiick on the last day of our trip. Part of me wondered why I couldn’t get sick when I get home, but part of me was happy that I was sick on the last day of our trip instead of anytime before then…

Woke up feeling funny in my tummy (lol it rhymes :P…) and thought I was just starving. Went down to have breakfast after washing up, but my tummy still felt weird. Went back to the hotel room and had diarrhea =_=. After that, went out with the famjam to do our last shopping/touring run before our flight in the afternoon. Gave up not even halfway cause I felt really sick! Went back to the hotel with my uncle because he wasn’t feeling well either. Had diarrhea a few more times after getting back to the hotel… then tried to nap it off. LOL TMI saawwwreeeh.

Photos all from Kevin except that one photo of him and his food, ha!

We saw a rat running and hiding somewhere along this street…

Lol gramps looks cute here hahaha

Fancy washroom

Kevin having milk tea while I’m texting my nurse cousin (HI FANG!) for help in the back after discovering I had a fever lol.
I didn’t want my stomach to act up during the flight :(

Everybody ate but me :( !!

Some very realistic looking chicken & duck models lol




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