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(And McD’s at the end of the post.)

Super rainy day!!! But here’s what we had at the Afternoon Tea that Limin booked for us ahead of time. Here’s the menu from their website (in case if I link it and then the link ends up not working in the future):

Seasons Afternoon Tea Menu

Green House & Garden Terrace
3:00p.m to 5:30p.m.
      • Prawn / Avocado / Lobster jelly, Caesar chicken salad, Smoked salmon tartlet dill sauce
      • King crab brioche, Foie gras crème brulee
Homemade Scones
      • Traditional plain and raisin scones
        served with clotted cream and homemade jam
      • Seasonal fruit tart, Strawberry jelly with white chocolate crème, Tart Mont Blanc
      • Chocolate marquise, Lemon cupcake, Praline éclair
Coffee or tea


  • HK$ 248 for one / HK$ 468 for two
    Minimum one set per person

Limin got the Fruit Tea while I got the Earl Grey, but we ended up switching cause the Fruit Tea wasn’t tasteful enough for her LOL. And then we were chatting so much that I wasn’t even focusing on eating. But to be honest the taste of everything wasn’t very memorable at all, sadly.

Scones were okay. I felt they were a tiny bit dry though.

Hahahaha my head looks ginormous here! And hair a mess from the rain. Holee.

The lighting was kinda bad here. We had a little bit of trouble photographing our set up LOL.

King crab brioche? This one was not bad!

This Prawn / Avocado / Lobster jelly was kinda… interesting. I could taste the prawn/lobsters but it was just “meh”.
I found that avocados in Asia are generally less creamy and buttery.

I’m guessing this is the Seasonal fruit tart? Meh. Took a pic cause it looked interesting hahaha.

And then we got chased out because they had to prep for dinner… apparently. So many empty tables though. I guess that’s just how they do. *Shrug!*

Some cute piggies on the way out the mall LOL.

It was raining super hard so we hung around inside a mall and took some selfies LOL. Also helped Limin take some OOTD photos hahahaha.

Then we were on our way to meet up with Kevin for dinner. Came across this store that Limin wanted to check prices for some dried mangoes that she planned on getting, and saw this huge Big Rabbit Milk Candy (childhood candy!!). It’s filled with the actual candies inside haha. Cute!


Met up with Kevin at Times Square, and kinda just browsed around aimlessly cause Limin and I weren’t hungry yet. Saw this at Lane Crawford. Who would buy this really?

Then we went to the food court so Kevin could have dinner while we just sat there and chilled. Limin almost lost the backing of her Chanel earrings cause I told her a diamond on her earring was missing! We’d thought that it probably fell into her shirt, but she couldn’t feel it in her shirt so we just kept looking around for it on the floor. (Turns out that it was indeed inside her shirt as she found it right before showering!)

On the way home I got hungry, so I got Kevin to bring me to McD’s hehehe.

Pretty yummy Blackcurrent McFloat in a really cute cup!

Wanted to get the White Burger but they were out of the white buns. They asked if we wanted to get the contents of the White Burger with black buns instead and Kevin said no cause we can just try the White Burger in its entirety in the future anyway.

My not very pretty Black Burger hahaha.

Got this “Tasty card” too! Kevin didn’t allow me to get it during our initial visit to McDonalds. Then he realized it’s actually a good deal. Wanted to get both the Apple Pie and the Fries designs cause they’re very “McDonalds”. They were out of the Fries design though, so I’ll get it next time!

With this card, you can get any item from Zone A to receive something from Zone B for free! The most important one for me has got to be the apple pies in Zone B LOL. Only in Asia are the McD apple pies fried :( I don’t like our baked ones back in Canada (and the States).


End of a pretty exhausting (an extremely wet/rainy) day!

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