Buddy Reunion

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LOL @ Lame title. Anyways.

Met up with my best bud Waymong in HK!! He brought me to this Café called Allegretto cause he knew I would love their 3D Latte Art :). We caught up a lot cause well we haven’t seen each other in a while! Glad to know he has been doing very well …apart from lacking sleep and proper diet…..

Um, k, ya. Hi LOL

My love for 雞批 [chicken pie] will never diiiieeeee~ Yummy cheesecake albeit a little bit too sweet for me

Oheithar. (Not sure if melting already or…)

The arrival of Raymond’s piggie. You lay in dat coffee …and dat puddle of your melting body, you.

From le Waymong’s phone

And that’s the sad end of my bear. *Shrug* :(

After several hours of chatting, we met up with Kevin after he got off work. Raymond was gonna bring us to Little Vegas for dinner but we somehow couldn’t find it or something LOL and after walking around Causeway Bay for quite awhile (including a mall that didn’t have any restaurants in it *ahem*) we finally decided to just head into this random mall. We couldn’t decide between ramen or Japanese curry from the food directory in the lobby, so we decided to choose after we headed upstairs and saw the restaurants in person (lolwut). Turns our the ramen place was gone, so, Japanese curry (CoCo Ichibanya / CoCo Curry House) it was!

K I know this doesn’t look very tasty here… but I swear it was! I got the Creamy Mushroom Omurice [鮮菇忌廉庵列咖喱飯].

Raymond got the Creamy Chicken Omurice [忌廉雞肉庵列咖喱飯] which is pretty much mine with chicken instead of mushroom.
Kevin got the Red Wine Braised Beef with Rice [紅酒燴牛肉庵列飯] which was pretty yummy too!

I made the English names up by the way. Don’t remember what the “official” names in English were and I just got the Chinese names off their website LOL. By the way this place allows you to choose how much rice you want with your dish, which was pretty interesting and we were kinda laughing about it. In the end we all realized the standard size (300g) wasn’t enough for all of us LOL.

So Raymond brought us for dessert at Via Tokyo! He was telling me about it while we were having coffee. I didn’t remember him telling me about the place before until I was browsing through pictures he sent to me on Line and saw that he sent me photos of the place LOL oops…

IT WAS YUMMY. I got the 3-Flavour Waffle Cup, Kevin got Royal Milk Tea Parfait and Raymond got Matcha Smoothie (?). I loved the Royal Milk Tea and Matcha flavours but honestly the Hokkaido Milk flavour was really good as well. Their soft serve is really creamy and smooooth :). Not a fan of the chestnut though LOL.

Thanks Waymong for bringing Kevin and I for yummy food <3

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