Getting that Grey Hair

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Been wanting to do it for a long ass time and I finally dyed my hair grey yes. Went to one of Belinda’s friends, Andy, to get it done, and Belinda was such a sweetheart to come accompany me halfway through the process! <3

Last photo of me in my black hair.

Okay I lied this is the last one LOL

Bleaching: my hair was bleached a total of 3 times.

Before the colour was put on my hair! I really… disliked this colour and couldn’t wait for the colour to go on.

 Andy finishing up with setting my completed hair.

 Belinda <3

I wanted to have a darker root transition, but maybe because I didn’t explain clearly enough or we were just really rushed for time (I was at the salon for ~10 hours), the darker colour wasn’t dyed evenly or at least to how I wanted it to be. But that’s okay cause I will get it fixed when I touch up my hair colour when this first dye fades!

The ends of my hair are the least healthy and therefore couldn’t absorb and keep the colour as well… I guess.



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