Thailand Day 5

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Day 19 of our Asia 2014 vacation / 5th day of our 6-Day Thailand trip!



Had breakfast (as usual I only ate cereal lol I didn’t have appetite in the mornings for some reason. Everybody had eggs and other yummy food but I’m just like….. ceeeeerreeooo •_• No photos of my Koko Krunch though. But you can haz a photo of Kevin’s sunny-side ups.

We ate by the pool pretty muuuuch.


Chao Phraya River & The Attack of the Catfishes

Took a boat on the Chao Phraya River and looked at some temples before leisure tiiiiime~
BUT FIRSTLY, the tour guide made us wake up extra early, took us to NaRaYa and let us shop there (for quite awhile) before we walked to the dock to wait for our boats. APPARENTLY we had to wait for other tour groups to go together for some reason even though my family was one independent tour group?! Let’s just say we waited. And waited.

And waited.

For more than an hour. I was literally grumpy. Like my shirt says. LOL
I think those China girls in the bg were part of one of the groups that arrived late. Because I was annoyed by them LOL.

Chee Chin Khor Pagoda

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) in the background

So colourful :P

Royal Barges National Museum

I feel kinda sad for these people for some reason :( I don’t think people really buy stuff from them anymore nowadays.
I remember we used to have a couple of those boat models the lady is holding in her hand back at home in Singapore.

Wat Rakhang Khositaram

UM Okay. First of all… let me just say the water was… not very clean lol. Apart from the… vegetation floating around, we also spotted quite a number of garbage. But we did see a truck and a crane of some sort picking up the floating plants and garbage so that’s good I guess!

We were given (or did we have to buy lol forgot) bread to feed these catfishes…
Let me illustrate what exactly went on.

And we got splashed a couple times because our dad threw the bread so close to the boat lol :(

Heads or tails? Nnnnnneither kthx!

Okay honestly, I spent hours trying to figure out what species these catfish are. Initially I thought they were just the Chao Phraya Catfish?! But after I looked at the photos and descriptions of the Chao Phraya Catfish (elongated black-tipped doral fins? Nope…), I figured they must be some other type of Catfish. Long story short after comparing several different types of Catfish (including Basa Fish, Giant Mekong Catfish…), I’m just gonna assume it’s the Striped Catfish =_=.

Wat Arun

My parents wanted a photo with Wat Arun :P


Back in shopping district…

We continued shopping after our tour. Forgot where else we went besides Platinum and this tech mall.

I guess Kevin wanted to take a photo at the same spot in daytime?? :P

UMMMM Some super yummy looking Pineapple Pie and Corn Pie that I did not get to eat… (cause I was heaty or something?)




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