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Cheezus. It’s 2015 already eh!

Let’s see. I’ve actually created this blog account ages ago when I wanted to renew one of my old blogs, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to switch to Wordpress or Blogger/Blogspot. I eventually settled with Blogger, but I regrettably abandoned it almost as soon as I got it going. Life got busy. That was always my excuse. It was until a lot later that I realized I was just not managing my time well enough, doing what I enjoy doing and what makes me feel good.

Blogging had been a hobby of mine since I was around 13 or 14 years old (more than 10 years ago!!), when I was introduced to Xanga by a friend. If I remember correctly, I was most actively blogging in my first year or two of high school. Friends who know me personally or who had been following my blogs know how many times I “renew(ed)” my blogs, hah! I completely stopped blogging when I went into university. There were times I attempted to get back into it, but I constantly get lazy. At home, I don’t really have much leisure time aside from working on assignments or projects, so I tried limiting my leisure activities to “relaxing” stuff like watching movies. Basically I didn’t want to do anything remotely related to what I’ve already been doing all day long (like writing and using my brain). There also always seemed to be nothing interesting for me to blog about although it wasn’t like I was a total bore and did nothing interesting at all during my free time. I was paranoid about posting things that people might not find intriguing. What I forgot was that people who enjoyed reading my blogs back then did so because they liked reading about my personal thoughts and how my life was going for myself. I guess I became… superficial?

(#LongStoryShort) Now that I’ve graduated, and it so happens to be a new year (#NewYearNewBeginning lulz?), I’m going to try once more to reboot my blogging habit. This time, I will make it a goal to blog for myself; not others.

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