Bath & Body Works Haul ii

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Guess who went crazy at B&BW again? Yep. Me…

I have to start coming up with some sort of naming convention for my B&BW Hauls lolol. Okay I think I’ll just add numbers to the title… (lame). Lets see how fast the numbers increase LOL. I can already tell you there’s gonna be at least another haul coming up soon though. (Wallet screaming in the background.)

So I saw that there was a sale for hand soaps again, 10 for $33.50 with an additional $10 off any purchase over $30. Wait what? I haven’t even started using the 10 I bought a month ago! But this time I went because one of my dear cousins in SG wanted me to help her purchase some since B&BW is so expensive in SG.

My store experience today

Seriously, I think the 2 salesgirl on shift thought I was flippin weird LOL. I went to the store at 8pm after popping into Sephora (mini birthday haul post coming up) and dropping by Apple store to say hi to Cindy. Guess what time I left the store? Around 8:50pm LOL right before store closing!

You’d think that when you already have a list of stuff to look for, it’d be easier when you go get them at the store but nope. There’s still gonna be stuff that’s unavailable and what not. So luckily my cousin was online and I kept sending her photos of like… everything. Then it takes time for her to decide and for me to help her decide. “You go smell if that one’s nice.” “Not bad la.” “How many you getting?” “You get whatever and then I’ll just get however remaining there is to get.” “Do they have xxxx?” “Nope… I recommend xxxx la.” “No I don’t want that one…”

It’s now 3 hours since I’ve left the store and we’ve still been discussing about the products LOL. #obsessed

Hers on the left, mine on the right. The cashier actually bagged her hand soap and mine separately and correctly without me even telling her! She must be psychic. I decided to get all foaming wash this time as well to give them a try since the 10 I got last trip were all deep cleansing scrubs. The travel-sized minis were 3 for $12. Picked 3 for myself too so the sale exceeds $30 in order for me to qualify for an additional $10 off! As you can see I’m obsessed with Endless Weekend. The store didn’t have Love & Sunshine body lotion in travel size… otherwise I would’ve totally gotten it :( !!

Hand soaps after discount and taxes: $26.33
Travel-sized body care after discount and taxes: $29.14

I was totally sparkly-eyeing the new Love & Sunshine body care (preview on last month’s coupon) and Limited Edition Spring Favourites at the store. I soooo wanted to get them! But… just look at all the stuff I bought already hahahaha… (•_•” ). I did try the body lotion from Love & Sunshine on my hands though. DO WANT!

Preview of Hawaii collection! That’s kinda expensive for a smaller-than-travel-size preview… but I’m seriously excited about this collection anyway!! At this rate I swear I’m gonna have like 2-lifetime supplies of B&BW stocked up lol… Love & Sunshine, Spring Favourites AND Hawaii Collection? I only have 1 body to use these products on lol fml.


…until the next haul! Lol!


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