Thailand Day 4

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Day 18 of our Asia 2014 vacation / 4th day of our 6-Day Thailand trip :P

Last day in Chiang Mai, and then flew back to Bangkok! Pretty much a day of “free-time”.


Chiang Mai → Transit to Bangkok

At the airport lol

His pants are of the seat colour lololol

Going to check out some plushies at the BKK airport. Which weren’t very cute lol so we just walked by.


Random lol

We spent the day shopping at Platinum Mall after we arrived in Bangkok. Didn’t take photos in the afternoon cause we were intense shopping ahhaha.

View from the hotel room. We stayed at Centre Point Pratunam Hotel!

Part of our lunch… Mango Sticky Rice!!! Nom nom nom nom.
We actually got a lot of food but were crazy eating so we didn’t take photos HAHAH.


Central World, Bangkok

Roamed around Central World before dinner! My uncle had a friend recommend the restaurant Nara, that apparently has been voted one of the best restaurants in Thailand since 2007, which was how we ended up at this mall!

Super cute dessert restaurant (…/bar?) called Mr. Jone’s Orphanage!
No one was there though… so we didn’t try it out.
I just googled it and the Siam Centre location looks AMAZING! I wanna go!!


Dinner at Nara, Central World

We had to wait for quite awhile to get a big table… And then we had several miscommunications with the servers. They didn’t seem to know English at all :(

Food photos were taken by Kevin! We were famished so he just quickly snapped the photos before we dug in hahaha.

Unglam candid shot of our table LOL. We had to sit at these not-as-nice tables outside… but we were starving so we couldn’t care less.
Overall food was not bad I guess! Not exactly memorable for me though :\ ?…)


Dessert @ Freshy Freeze

“The world’s first freshly made ice cream”?? Lol

Apparently Kevin saw one of the staff (which one could it be…..? lol) picking their nose after we were seated and eating… … … Got paranoid but tried not to think too much about it LOL. We got a Green Tea + Black Sesame + Mochi on top one and a Honey Dew one which had pieces of peach? (or was it mango omg… I believe it was peach though…) LOL I forgot… #fail


Roaming around the mall continued


We had a laughing fit here omg.

I couldn’t stop laughing and hence the slanted photo(s)! My dad totally failed the pose LOL and my uncle was a good sport hahahaha.


Back to the hotel!

Why don’t we have any photos of our rooms omg. Anyway our suites were huge and each had their own little kitchen area too!  We didn’t expect them to arrange these suites for us or else we could’ve just cut down our rooms by half really. Each rooms had 2 queen-sized beds although we only had 2 people in each rooms…

When I find the photos I’ll link them here lol. But for now here are two photos from our walk back to the hotel and two of Kevin outside Sheena and my room’s door hahaha.




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