Coffee Academics & Fatcat

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January 23rd

Somehow I managed to get out on my first “proper” day in Singapore and hang out with one of my favourite cousins (+ our “little bro” Ben) ahhaha. Must be the jet lag.

Had some hawker bee-hoon (米粉 / rice vermicelli) with otak-otak for brunch.

Then got a ride to town. Went to Taka first to browse for some supplies before Limin came to meet up with me. Funny thing was that coincidentally Ben was having a family lunch in the building as well, and since he had nothing to do after, we asked him if he wanted to join us when he was done with his lunch. While browsing by myself I took some random photos of interesting stuff I saw lol.


Saw these creeper brogues… and I was so tempted to get the black pair!! Forgot what brand they were though haha. Something unfamiliar.


The only reason I took this photo is because Belinda and my younger sis love Gudetama. This giant one was over a hundred bucks D:


There used to be a brief amount of time where I loved Hannari-Tofu. I think the two that I have are still… somewhere around?
Anyway I thought these Sanrio-mashups are pretty cute. If I saw these back then I probably would’ve bought LOL. Yikes.


Then I saw all these yummy-looking food at the food level and really wanted to try these cheesecake tarts. Forgot why I didn’t though… (ragrets).


So when we all finally met up, Limin brought us to The Coffee Academics.



We got the Academics Pancake Tower with the choice of Berry Sorbet to share since none of us were really that hungry as we all had our lunch. I’m pretty sure I got the Manuka Honey Tea but I forgot what Limin and Ben got… oops! First time eating such fat pancakes and found them to be actually fluffy enough to my liking and not too thick. Kinda felt like my tea was nothing too special though. Could barely taste the honey.

The not-Instagram version of this “foodie shot” LOL. Should’ve seen my snaps of how we were all trying to get that perfect IG shot hahaha.


So after eating we tried to take some photos together since it’s the first time we’ve met up in like half a year hahahaha. Quite a few funny moments but… I’ll try not to flood this post too much with our selfies and what not… hah…!

Kay I don’t care how awkward I look here but I wanted to post this cause Limin looks so cluelessly-cute!


LOL I guess I didn’t get the memo to make a silly face…


Trying to copy her sunglasses-in-hair technique hahahaha.


January 24th

Next day, I went with dad back to our old hometown in Aljunied to have his favourite Lor Mee (鹵麵). We walked past a plant “stall” on the way to the car and my dad wanted me to take some pics for our mom LOL. My parents love shopping for plants.




We then visited my grandpa for a bit! Glad to see he’s still healthy and apparently he’s still always out and about!


So since we didn’t have any plans for the day, Ben, Limin, and I decided to go to FATCAT Ice Cream Bar which Ben had already gone to quite a number of times. We wanted to try the much-raved-about charcoal waffles with salted egg yolk sauce. We met up at Bedok Mall to walk over to FATCAT together since it’s actually kinda out of the way.


Saw this while buying a drink at FairPrice and thought it was kinda funny? As in how Singapore is a “Fine” ($$) city lol.


Also walked past a toy store and saw these cuties!! The Tsum Tsum cars are too adorable.



Selfie while waiting for our order at FATCAT haha. Limin wasn’t feeling too well unfortunately.


Our waffles with Black Sesame, Matcha (I think???), and I think Strawberry Sorbet lol. I think we could’ve done with more salted egg yolk sauce.


Went shopping at Bugis for the rest of the afternoon/evening, so didn’t take any photos thereafter. Here’s a photo of the condition of the nasty bruise that I got on the night of my flight though!



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