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Updating this in real time! L’omg! Went out to have dinner with Kevin earlier in Central at this restaurant called Social Place! I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this restaurant’s Openrice page, but the thing that caught my eye was their Truffle Shiitake Buns!! Limin and I had wanted to try a similar shiitake mushroom bun at Dim Dim Sum that time but turns out their filling there was beef liver, which we don’t eat. So happy that the ones served here at Social Place were simply just filled with actual mushrooms! More on the mushrooms later…

Pretty big restaurant! They even had people sitting at a ping-pong table to eat. I didn’t wanna take a pic of them and look like a creep LOL. But you can still see it on their website.

A hungry boyfriend spotted.

I took a photo of the “menus” this time ermergert. Okay they actually had a very nice, proper menu book but I didn’t take a pic of that •–•. Some of the photos from the menu can be seen on their (also pretty) website though!

Their funny bowls, which I Instagram’ed about.

Wok-fried shrimp & rice rolls [HKD$69]. Yum yum yum! Fragrant and not too oily.

Truffle Shiitake Buns [HKD$49]!!! Okay they didn’t come as cute as pictured :( but the bun itself is still soft and sweet.
I was very tempted to order more for takeout haha.

Sesame Pork Dumplings [HKD$59]. Smelled so good!

Tasted… not bad! But not as good as it smells hahaha.

This Osmanthus Honey Pork & Pumpkin [HKD$99] was SO GOOD. Sweet, fragrant, and best part is that it’s not overly flour-coated. Must Try!!

Inside of the Truffle Shiitake Bun :P …I wanna eat more right now.

We wanted to order the Steamed Glutinous Rice Siu Mai (shrimp dumplings) and Vegetable Parcels but those are served during lunch hours only. So we only got this Seared Chinese Pancakes [HKD$39] instead. It’s pretty much just 蔥油餅 (scallion pancakes) but it’s not too oily which is good. Kevin thinks that it’s lacking the scallion-y/oniony taste but I think I prefer it this way.

Looking forward to my next visit to this place again, hopefully for lunch next time!

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