Eagle Bluffs

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A good friend of mine from high school, Justin, and I decided to do a pretty “impromptu” hike. We were deciding between a few places and he wanted to do Quarry Rock. I was googling images and all that crap and was like o_O how bout we do Eagle Bluffs… with the nicer view and everything. And thank goodness we did. It was a gorgeous day! We took 2.5hrs to complete the whole trail, which is pretty good if you ask me, considering this is my first time working out since… forever. Literally.

We set off at around 4pm (kinda late…) and somehow didn’t get up the mountain until like 5+ because we had to detour for gas. Justin was trying to see if we would make it up the mountain with what was remaining in his gas tank and I was like….. nope. So since we were already like 1/3 up the mountain, we had to go back down, drive to the nearest gas station and then drive back up again.

Saw this funny looking “car” on the way to Cypress. We also took quite awhile trying to figure out the right trail to go on. Good grief. Always ask people around you when you’re not sure guys. Don’t waste your fuckin time trying to be a smart ass LOL.

Didn’t stop for too long at these little lake areas cause… MOSQUITOES. Goddamn. I didn’t even think about mozzies until I was stopped and then felt little tickles on my legs only to look down and see FIVE mozzies trying to feed off me. Ran for the next like 10 minutes or so before slowing down cause somehow I thought I was gonna lose the mozzies that way lol :P.

Run Forrest Run!!!

Beautiful beautiful view once we arrived at the lookout!!

Mandatory (or not) selfie at the lookout.

I really would’ve sent this picture to the couple who’s in it… if I had gotten hold of their contact information haha. Such a nice photo! #shameless #nobutreally they could seriously frame this up and put it in their living room or whatever!

Then it was my turn to be all posey for dat Instagram shot.


Representin’ dat Lululemon, ‘naw mean? Hahahahaha #ohgawd… but in all seriousness I do love this tank top.

This is also one of my wallpapers on my computer now ahhahaha.

My lovely leather Air Max Thea’s took quite a beating :( I sawwy ma luvs. #suchabadshoeowner

Gotta get all the angles yaknow? Hahaha #okenough.

Beautiful sunset on the way back to the city. Kinda regretted not stopping at the lookout on the way down the mountain for some photos. Dayum!

And then we had ramen to fill our empty stomachs to call it a day!

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    Omg I suck at hiking, 2.5 hours is fast! lolol

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