Thailand Day 3

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Day 17 of our Asia 2014 vacation / 3rd day of our 6-Day Thailand trip :)

Chiang Rai tour for the day! Photos from today are mainly from Wat Rong Khun… so this post will be pretty huge since it doesn’t really make sense for me to separate the different locations we visited (too few photos for the other locations). Please bare with me :P!


Thaweesin Geyser / Hot Springs


Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

According to wiki (lol), Wat Rong Khun “is a contemporary, unconventional, privately owned, art-exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple … designed, constructed, and owned by [local artist] Chalermchai Kositpipat”. We all didn’t know this at all, thinking it was a legit temple-temple. So while we walked through the place and seeing all these weird things and characters from comic books and movies we were like what the heck?! But nooooww I knooooww hahah. There was even a poster (and full size mural) inside the main building (where we walked across the bridge as you will see below) that had superheroes, Matrix’s Neo, and even Despicable Me’s Minions in it! We were sooo amused lol. They said no pictures inside, so here’s the link to google image search on the mural. 40 images in this section. See if you can recognize the characters ;) …Scroooolll away~~~!

The top broke off during a recent earthquake!


Golden Triangle & Mae Sai

Border of Burma, Laos, and Thailand. Had lunch here as well, and we were the only people there until we were leaving (another tour group arrived then). During the whole meal we kept getting swarmed by houseflies and what not =_=. Really disliked the whole lunch experience. Most of us drank beer instead of water cause we were afraid of the water LOL. Seriously not quite liking these tourist restaurants / food stops where nobody else seems to be dining at all the time. Makes me feel uneasy!

Mae Sai is apparently one of the major border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar, where there are lots and lots of market stalls and shops. Don’t remember how long we were there for (an hour or two?) but we ended up not buying anything apart from some ice cream toward the end of the “shopping” stop cause it was friggin HOT! The 3 of us kids stood around in 7-Eleven for the A/C while we ate our ice cream hahaha.


Dying from the heat haha





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  1. Sam
    | Reply

    I’m so bummed about not visiting the white temple in Chiang Rai when I passed by it from Laos to Chiang Mai! :( It looks absolutely AMAZING!
    One more place to put on the bucket list!

    • Cheryl
      | Reply

      Hey Sam! Aaww! Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of construction going on. I bet the next time you’re there it’s going to be even more awesome :D !!

  2. ทีเด็ด
    | Reply

    “วัดร่องขุ่น” I like this in thailand. Your photos is very funny!?

    • Cheryl
      | Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, thank you!!
      I enjoyed this place too :)

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