Thailand Day 2 (Part iii)

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Day 16 of our Asia 2014 vacation / Day 2 of our Thailand trip~

Part III covers almost everything else after the Maetang Elephant Park tour in Chiang Mai.

We had a “Home Industry Tour” where we went to “factories” that produce silk & silk material goods, silver goods, etc… and then the places where they “trap” you to try to make you buy stuff lol. All of us had like no interest in these tours at all but since it was mandatory according to the itinerary we still had to drop by. Sped through most of these tours, except at the Silk factory where my mom was picking out some gifts for our relatives. (I obviously had zero interest in taking photos at these places either lol, I just wanted to gtfo! But here are photos from Kevin’s phone.

I almost forgot about this hahahaha! I forgot how long we were here for… but I can tell you it was LONG. This place sold stuff very similar to those by NaRaYa. The ladies were picking gifts and what not while the men mainly sat outside to wait HAHA. As for me… nothing interested me :\ Apart from browsing around, Kevin and I just stood in front of the A/Cs to cool down hahaha.

Some really cheap (in price) bird’s nest. Hmmm… I don’t usually have bird’s nest so I can’t tell you how the quality is. We basically decided to just each have a bowl so they will hound us less about purchasing other stuff lolol.

Some honey factory?! We were seriously trapped in this room to listen to this man talk about all sorts of honey products. It was so awkward at the end when we didn’t want to buy anything :( … but apparently my dad had purchased some products before? LOL

And then we had dinner at yet another tourist restaurant. I can only tell you that I think I barely ate anything here… according to my recollection lol. We probably should’ve taken pics before we ate haha. (Above image has been cropped cause ain’t no body wanna look at food scraps!)

Free time at night to walk around the night markets. Totally unenjoyable experience because we couldn’t even browse without getting swarmed by flies (or flying ants?!)! When I say swarm here I seriously mean like… 20 over little flies constantly flying into your face and crap. Flies were every-freakin’-where!! Needless to say we didn’t walk around that long.

The hotel Suriwongse that I mentioned in this post, with the bathroom that gets flooded and hallways/lobby that smells weird.

Bye Suriwongse! You won’t be missed xP




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