River Safari

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Day 9 of our Asia 2014 vacation!

Who uploads 130 photos in one blog entry? Me… lol.
P/S If you haven’t noticed, there are actually captions (for most of the photos) if you click on them.

Did some visiting in the morning before meeting up with our cousins to go to the River Safari :)




On to the River Safari!
I seriously took way tons of photos already. I tried to only upload the more interesting ones… but still ended up with 118 in this section =_=” oh well happy browsing :D lol.



We went to Pastamania somewhere to have dinner. Initially soneone suggested McD’s? I didn’t mind but I think someone else didn’t wanna have McD’s :0. Pastamania was slow with my order =_=. Actually they totally forgot my starter (macaroni with mushroom and cheese …casserole?). I had already finished my ravioli lol. Didn’t cancel it since I wasn’t exactly full :\ .




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