Tsum Tsum Festival

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Few of you may know… but one of the reasons for me to come back to HK so early is because of this Tsum Tsum Festival, LOL! Kevin went to have a look after I sent him info about the event, and even though he did send me photos, I’m so glad I was able to make it and see it in person! The larger-than-life-sized Tsums were so cute, I want one in my own backyard HAHAH.

Okay anyways… behold a photo-heavy post (filled with Tsum-cuteness!)

The crowd wasn’t too bad considering the fact that we went on a Sunday (Kevin only has Sundays off for a full day), which I’m guessing is because the Tsum Fest has already been open for awhile now and is closing in 2 days! The first thing we did was… like everyone else… try to take photos of the Tsums on display. There were lines for each of the giant Tsum figures so that people could take photos with them, but we didn’t want to join the long queues. So we opted to take some quick snaps and then check out the merchandise pop-up store!

Kevin wanted to get Pooh, but because I am waiting to get a medium-sized Pooh Tsum Tsum plush already we settled with buying a small-sized Lotso and Sulley cushion. They are sooooo cute and soft! Well the fabric is super soft but the stuffing is actually quite stiff. I also bought several coasters, some as gifts. We were also deciding for awhile if we should get Mike. I think we should’ve gotten him :( ! And Pooh too hehehe xD.


Break time, Tea time!

After our first merchandise run (lol yes we went back a second time), we decided to go get ourselves something to eat since we were hungry. Kevin brought me to this restaurant/café called Simplylife because I guess he thought it was interesting the last time he saw it haha. We got there right in the middle of their tea hour (pastries served only) so we got some cakes. Initially, I ordered 3 slices of cakes, but the waitress missed out the Matcha Red Bean Mousse Cake.

So we were served our Raspberry Truffle Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake Tart, White Coffee (Kevin’s) and Café Mocha (mine). We were originally going to order some hot drinks for photo purposes LOL but we went with cold because we were feeling quite warm from all the running around.

The Raspberry Truffle Cake was nice; the jello-jam (?) part was quite interesting and tasty, and both of us really liked the crust. We loved the Strawberry Cheesecake Tart for its smoothness and creaminess, and the crust was really fine and smooth as well! Our drinks were not particularly memorable… but the Mocha was better than the White Coffee for sure.

Then last call was announced and we decided we had some space in our tummies to try the Green Tea Red Bean Mousse Cake. To our disappointment it was actually not that great. We were comparing it to the T&T Green Tea Red Bean cake, and our verdict was that the T&T one is actually better than this one LOL.

Some awesome looking Banana Tart while we were being chased out. There was a loooooong line of people waiting to get seated for dinner!

We wanted to watch a movie at the end of the day, so we went to the theatre to check out showtimes for The Avengers! Bought our tickets (and 3D glasses… f our lives… you actually have to pay for those silly RealD glasses here, and we have several at home back in Vancouver!) and were given a free movie poster (of Hulk lol, dammit — why not a group one?!). Then we went back on our Tsum “errands” hahaha.


Back on Tsum Errands

We really wanted to play the mini games and win some badges, but you had to have one receipt from the merchandise store and one receipt from any other store in the mall (except Apple store for some reason) to get a go at any of the game stations. We didn’t know this at first when we tried to line up to play before we went for food (because we were too lazy to read the long ass fine print on a poster beside the line LOL). So we returned with our Simplylife receipt.

On the way we spotted Alice and Cheshire Cat!

We also got our postcards so we could start collecting the stamps on the back.

SO we got back to the line to queue for our chance to play at one of the game booths, and got directed to the “weighing game”! Apparently it’s supposed to be the easiest out of all the games. You pretty much have to grab some Tsums and place them on the weighing scale to match the amount shown on the screen in front of you. I told Kevin to do it because I suck at these games hahaha. The girl tending the booth was explaining the rules and then the screen already started counting down. She mentioned that in order to win a badge, we have to complete the game within 5 seconds (of 15 seconds in total).

Above are the possible Tsum Badges you can get. I think their availability was subjected to weekly periods. My favourite was the Pooh-Tigger badge, then Stitch-Scrump badge, and then Alice-White Rabbit badge! The image was taken from [here] where you can also have a proper look at all the other available merchandise.

When the timer started, Kevin just grabbed a bunch of the mini Tsums and placed them on the scale… only to hit the perfect weight in 1 second LOL. The girl was laughing because c’mon that was pretty amazing LOL. And we got the Pooh-Tigger badge!! Wheeee~ :D!

We got so hyped up that we wanted to try more games so we went around to shop before our movie. We just went to Mannings to get some cotton pads that I needed and Marks & Spencer to get some Red Current Puffs which I love. On the way, we hunted for our stamps for the postcards and also took more photos with the other characters we found!

This Monsters Inc. set up was so cute!

Le gaaaaaahsp~

Then we went back to the pop-up store (no line this time) and purchased 2 more gift items separately (we were smarter this time kinda LOL). So now we have 2 more go’s at the game booths! We were directed to the one where we had to grab the medium-sized Tsums of the characters that lit up on the board and stuff them into the shelf (see picture below LOL). The guy manning the booth was laughing at us getting all excited during the game. After we completed it he asked if we wanted another go at the same game or try something else and we opted to try the hand-gesture game, where they used something like Leap Motion (or it probably was) and I think this is actually the easiest one to play. Then the guy handed us a Elsa-Olaf badge and another Pooh-Tigger badge. We asked if we could swap the Pooh-Tigger one for something else because we already have it, but they apparently only had these two designs available :( so that was after I did some Google-ing then I found out that the different designs were available during different weeks.

Sozz these were taken after the mall was closed so the medium-sized Tsum plushes were not there anymore and the screens were turned off :(

We went to catch our movie after completing our stamp-postcards! And after the movie we had a quick Yoshinoya dinner and then took our last photos of the Tsum Tsum Festival before saying bye for good :( although we hope that wasn’t the last time we’ll see it!

This older couple was having quite a lot of fun posing for photos lol.

Us and our completed stamp-postcards! And maybe I will add some photos of my purchases later on.


THE END :( !!


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