Plane food, mini airport haul, & sen-ryo

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First couple of days in Hong Kong this year!

I am seriously gonna try to keep up with my blog for this trip because otherwise I will never be able to catch up on all my posts D: !! And I really wanna be able to catch up on all dem posts!! This post consists of events from April 29th to May 2nd.


My flight was at 1pm on April 29th. Our flight (among others) was overbooked apparently. So it took a while longer for us to board the plane. Once on board and settled in my seat, a flight attendant approached me and the girl beside me and asked if we could swap seats with a couple who wanted to sit together, if the both of us weren’t with each other. So we agreed, and the girl beside me got moved to row 30-something while I only moved 2 seats up to 59. We both stayed in the same “positions” (she was in the middle seat and I was on aisle seat on the right side of the plane). And yes I sat at row 61 cause that was literally the only aisle seat left on this flight when I booked my ticket LOL. A while later a lady approached me and asked if I could swap seats with her cause her husband had the seat beside me. So I agreed, and seeing that there was a spot in the overhead compartment of my new seat another 2 rows forward, I moved my luggage this time thanks to the lady’s husband and the guy who sat beside me.


Plane food!

For my meals, I requested low-sodium special meals because, I dunno, I had a feeling I wouldn’t feel as shitty if I didn’t eat food that was too salty or oily. The food seemed bland compared to what others were getting, but I am still glad with my decision because I didn’t have any tummy “problems” (like being bloated), which made my plane ride much more tolerable!

We got a meal shortly after take-off, and another one 2 hours before descending, with a light snack/meal in between.

(That was my first time having quinoa salad and it was kinda strange… but I can get used to it!)

Speaking of toleration, the guy who sat beside me was really testing my patience. I moved for him to get in and out of his seat, I’m pretty sure more than 10 times. It really felt like he got out of the seat every hour except when I napped for around 2 hours at one point. And he woke me up with a hard bump on my arm =_=” (without even apologizing). Apart from this, he kept inviting himself to share my screen while I’m watching my movies. I gave him side-glances many times and even though he noticed, he still ignored the hint that I was feeling uncomfortable with him watching the movies with me and sometimes even leaning on the armrest to get a better view of my screen. Omg. I even turned down the brightness of my screen LOL and he would then look away… only for a little while… •_•; I really wondered why he couldn’t just watch the movies on his own screen. He pretty much had flight information/status on his screen the whole time. My guess is that he didn’t really wanna watch a movie on his own screen because he was napping whenever he wasn’t getting out of his seat… or watching my screen. Lol. Sigh.


Arrival & first shopping “haul” (LOL)

I arrived in Hong Kong at around 5:30pm April 30th. I was lucky to be able to get to an empty booth at the customs when I got to the front of the line, and went through without any problems. Then it took me less than 5 minutes to retrieve my luggage (first time so fast omg!). Kevin was supposed to get off work “early” to come pick me up, but he couldn’t leave until 6pm (he usually gets off at 7). So I waited for him at a seating area since I was too lazy to walk around pushing my luggages. When he arrived, we went to the convenience store because I wanted to browse this month’s Japanese magazine selection hehehe. I love looking for Japanese magazines to buy because I love looking at / reading them and also they usually come with cute gifts.

This cute Q-pot. magazine caught my eye this time round! There’s so much cute and pretty (and girly lol) stuff in this magazine. Q-pot. makes adorable accessories and their accessories come in adorable packaging as well! I’m a sucker for pretty/cute packaging (and print!)!! This magazine is definitely gonna be one of those to stay on my shelves like… forever lol. I must say I’m more intrigued by the magazine than its gift this time as well though. (And omg I just used the words “cute” and “pretty” like a bajillion times =_=”…)

After the magazine stop, we dropped by the Disney store since it was on the way, and I got 3 Tsums LOL. There was apparently a promotion going on, buy 6 Tsums and get 20% off. But… I didn’t have that many I wanted to get… so… :\

I finally got Alien and White Rabbit!! (…and Miss Bunny cause I never saw her at our Disney stores lol.) I’m a little bothered by how mini Tsums cost HKD$58 (CAD$9+) here though; back in Canada they’re only $4.99 (or was it $5.99?…)! But… I still bought them cause I couldn’t find these ones in Canada anymore lol ._.”


Second day chill day

Went yum-cha-ing with Kevin’s brother Eric, grandma, aunt, and …another aunt (lol) at a restaurant nearby. I had my favourite dim-sums which I haven’t eaten in awhile: 咸水角 & 流沙包! Omg! :D I didn’t take any photos though cause well iunno the food weren’t exactly photogenic at that time LOL but meh!

Eric and I went to Central after brunch to go look for Kevin :D !… Kinda. He came out to meet us to go to the tailor’s (for the guys’ groomsmen suit tailoring), but it was closed for lunch when we got there at around 2pm lol. So he went back to work and Eric and I went to get Starbucks and then walk around. I tried their new summer flavour, Summer Berry Panna Cotta Frappuccino.

Then we went to get Eric’s Jenny’s cookies that he was gonna bring back as 手信‘s for his colleagues. The line wasn’t too long so it was alright! After that we went back to the tailor’s with Kevin. Sad thing was that Kevin waited quite awhile for his suit to be brought out for fitting and then got called back to work right when it was his turn. And then I waited quite awhile for Eric to get his measurements taken (and look through materials before that). Then we walked to IFC to shop around while waiting for Kevin to get off work.


Dinner at sen-ryo

We sat in front of the conveyor belt, and even though we were all starving, I couldn’t start pigging out because everything on the belt were raw at the time LOL. So I quickly flipped through the menu while Kevin and Eric already began eating •_•. I didn’t take a photo of everything we ate… but here are the ones where I did!

This chicken karaage [和風炸雞] was very good! It was the right amount of crispiness and tenderness, and wasn’t too oily!

I don’t know why I took a pic of this boring Inari Nijiri I got off the conveyor belt and not the Dragon Roll I ordered LOL.

Tamagoyaki [HKD$14] which I ordered one of and then we took one off the belt before my order arrived LOL. Behind it is the Soft Shell Crab and Avocado Roll. Nom nom.

This. Black. Cod. Was. AWESOME. Well on the menu it said black cod but its Chinese name [西京燒銀鱈魚] says Sablefish. If you knew me well you know I looooooove Sablefish! This one was cooked well and melts in your mouth. OM NOM NOM NOM!

And….. we went home after a fulfilling dinner :D!


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