Glasshouse @ IFC

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Watched “Spy” at IFC today! Pretty funny movie. Loved Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham and Peter Serafinowicz’s roles! Great seeing Jude Law back on the big screen as well, still as suave as always. Didn’t do much else today, but yesterday we also went to IFC after Kevin got off work. We bought our tickets for today cause there were no (decent) seats left for the remaining showtimes, went for dinner at Glasshouse, and then went home.



We wanted to sit by the windows but those seats were already all booked up way ahead of time, and weren’t available until 10pm. But the seats we got were not bad either I guess! We had proper armchairs hahaha. As usual, I forgot to take a pic of the menu hahah oops :P oh well!

Kevin and I both can’t seem to take a properly levelled photo of the place hahaha.

Lychee & Rose Twist iced tea [HKD$58].

Some Porcini mushroom ravioli. I don’t think it’s the “Porcini mushroom ravioli with shrimps and cherry tomato sauce” [HKD$138] on their online menu / menu uploaded to Openrice, cause I don’t remember eating any shrimps and tasting cherry tomatoes. *Shrugs*.

Crispy Fries with Black Truffle Mayo [HKD$68]. YUM!! Fries were slightly thick-cut but are crispy and fragrant even by themselves. The truffles can be tasted in the mayo, but to me the mayo is sliiightly salty. But overall still very good :) worth a try!

“Black cod baked in banana leave with green curry and rice” [HKD$198]. The curry was super spicy (according to Kevin) so I didn’t even taste it. The cod itself is still nice and pretty fragrant, although to me it is slightly overcooked since it’s not as buttery soft as I like my black cods to be.

Still good overall!

Where the outside patio of the restaurant looks out to. Well actually the window seats gets this same view hahaha.


We saw people eating the Banana Creme Brûlée (they light it on fire in front of you!), which looks pretty darn good but we were too full to order dessert :(. We didn’t even finish our fries! But to be fair, we were feeling quite “heaty”, so we didn’t wanna force ourselves to down the remaining fries even though I think we really would’ve… under normal circumstances hahaha.

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