Hello Kitty Cuisine + TeaWood

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My cousin Limin arrived from Singapore! Lugged her massive B&BW haul along with me all the way to her hotel in Yau Ma Tei and dropped it off before we headed off to Hello Kitty 中菜軒 for our “lunch”. I woke up late so our lunch became late lunch :( sollie sollie!!! On the way to the MTR station though, 5 mini buses passed me by!! Wth LOL so unlucky. I had decided to walk because I didn’t think there would be seats on the bus or that the buses wouldn’t be coming as often.


Hello Kitty 中菜軒

We arrived at around 3:30pm, which was an hour before they were closing for a break before dinner time (we didn’t know that). There weren’t many people at all; maybe like 6 other tables of people? We quickly looked over the menu (but already had in mind what we wanted to order), then took some quick snaps before we put in our order. Not much to mention so I’ll just spam the photos before I talk about our food hahaha :P!

20150519-2e 20150519-6eAll their tableware are imprinted with the restaurant’s logo!

20150519-9eEven the tables are imprinted with Hello Kitty’s face :)

20150519-11e 20150519-12eBasically the full menus (not sure if they have a different one for dinner, but I don’t think so).

20150519-13e 20150519-15e 20150519-17e

Some random photos of us before food arrived hahahaha.

The 蝦餃 [prawn dumplings] arrived first, followed by the 流沙包 [molten salted egg yolk buns] not too long after. We then got busy trying to arrange the stuff around for a good photo for Instagram LOL.

And then while we’re busy snapping photos, the 糯米飯 [glutinous/sticky rice] arrived! AND we also found out today that the pinyin for 糯 is actually nuo and not luo! Omg… all our lives we’ve been pronouncing it wrong!! #SingaporeanChineseFail

What I liked about the glutinous rice was that it wasn’t too oily, but it lacked flavour/fragrance :\. Also the veggies tasted as if they were only cooked in clear water. I didn’t mind that but for the price you have to pay for this [HKD$128 / ~CAD$20] I just thought they could do a better job.

The prawn dumpling was probably the tastiest out of all 3 items we ordered (lol kinda sad), but it’s not that special either. Tastes just like ordinary prawn dumplings. [HKD$68 / ~CAD$10.75]

The salted egg yolk buns were the cutest, but unfortunately it wasn’t that good :T I’ve tasted much better ones at just a regular restaurant in a neighourhood mall! [HKD$62 / ~CAD$9.80]

Photo with Hello Kitty before we left at around 4:30pm. Got “chased out” while we were chatting cause we didn’t know they were closing!

VERDICT ABOUT RESTAURANT: You’re basically paying a premium for the looks of the food and the “atmosphere”. Quality of the food is sadly really just ordinary.


We then went to 旺角中心 / Argyle Centre before we met up with Kevin for dinner. We took our own sweet time browsing store by store and managed to pretty much finish browsing (in 2.5hrs wth?!) before we met up with Kevin at around 7:30pm at Langham Place. I still think we missed browsing a floor hahahaha!



After browsing some random stores before Kevin arrived, we went to look around for where we should have dinner. Decided on TeaWood because Limin never tried it before, and also nothing else we saw intrigued us.

We started lining up at around 7:40pm and we only got seated at 8:45pm wtf! LOL we pretty much stood there for an hour waiting to eat… while we starved. I got the menu while we were waiting so we ordered almost right after sitting down though.

Kevin wanted a regular Pearl Milk Tea. Limin got a Mixed Fruit Tea [綜合水果茶] but I forgot to take a picture :O.

Kevin wanted 鹽酥雞 [Chinese fried chicken nuggets lol]. It wasn’t that good :T tasted too flour-y.

Limin’s minced pork rice meal with fried chicken. Forgot what it’s called exactly / in Chinese :P. The chicken tasted too flour-y too.

Kevin and I decided to try their fusion pastas. Kevin got the… prawn and olive handmade pasta thingamabob… forgot what it was called. Omg… memory loss lol. Anyway it wasn’t bad… but still tasted kinda funny to us.

I got the truffle whatever handmade pasta. Didn’t know it came with bacon. It was not bad but I guess not that memorable.

This is the best dish hands down. Omg. Mango Sauce Fish! The fish was very soft and smooth, mango sauce very tasty, and the crispy stuff pretty fragrant too. Yum :D !


I was originally gonna order the red bean slush with a scoop of green tea ice cream and maybe one of those dessert toasts after our main course. But we were all really full hahaha so we didn’t order anything else! Walked around really briefly for a bit while we allowed our food to digest lol and then went home!


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