Disneyland HK …again!

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Wanted to visit Disneyland again, and surprisingly Kevin agreed to go with me hahaha. I thought he wouldn’t wanna go since we just went in November last year. Thinking about it, we could’ve gotten an annual pass and saved a few dollars LOL but then I’d be able to go multiple times (crazy)! Anyways. Here’s some of the stuff we took photos of this time. I think we had this mindset that we’ve already taken so many pics last trip that for the most part during this trip, we didn’t bother to take photos that much. Oops. Well to be fair I still took a ton of photos but didn’t edit them all hahaha. I had to put in so much more time to edit these photos especially for the daytime parade ones cause they were too dark in the foreground and too bright in the background since the sun was shining from behind the parade. Phew!



We slept in since Kevin hasn’t gotten to sleep in in a while. Went to a HK-style restaurant nearby to have brunch cause I wanted to have 菠蘿油 (pineapple bun). Unfortunately, this particular restaurant doesn’t serve it LOL. Darnz. Anyways we had simple 餐蛋治 (luncheon meat + egg sandwich) and 叉燒+燒肉飯 (bbq + roasted pork rice).


Train Ride & Arrival

We went on a week day (Kevin took a day off) because we didn’t wanna battle the crowds. And how glad were we that we did so!

It was only in front of this that one particular couple had to take like… 10 minutes trying to take photos. First it was the man taking pics of the woman, and he had to tell her to shift here and there, take a step forward and back, left and right, bla bla bla for like a million photos. Then it was the man’s turn and the woman, knowing I was waiting to take a photo, still pushed her man over and took like another million photos of him. *Rolling my eyes*


Art of Animation

We didn’t come in here last time. I forgot why! They have this huge spinning table of Toy Story characters and flashing lights that show the characters coming to life as the table spins. We took videos but forgot to take a photo lol (am I a bad blogger or what). But I will upload the video soon and link it here.


Flights of Fantasy Parade

We missed this parade during our last trip as well. We actually didn’t even know about this parade, and were initially thinking of skipping it cause the sun was scorching. But we saw the huge Mickey “hot air balloon” and decided to watch it hahaha. Okay behold a spammage of photos.

The balloon is actually filled with air if I’m not wrong, cause it was kinda wobbling/bouncing when the cart moved!

So cute. Love it!

We can’t visitors ride on these things throughout the park too?

To be honest that balloon looks kinda weird to me… like the bottom of a super bloated giraffe or something LOL.

Hahahaha Stitch looks so evil wtheck!

Cool outfits but Kevin brought up a good point: why do they have to wear white helmets? Hahah

The soldiers were real men haha. I wonder if they can see through their glasses or they’re just blind during the entire show.

This toy that looks like it’s from Fisher-Price spins on top of Rex hahaha so cute. Anyone knows what it’s actually called?

Love the dangly-monkey details!

Major kudos to all these performers having to brave the heat in their costumes! I was already sweating just standing there under the sun in my shirt and shorts. We were joking that these performers are all smiles but in their heads they’re probably thinking !”@#$%^&* eff dis shiet!” loll.


Post-Parade Chillaxation

We hopped right into the nearest store to get our A/C fix LOL.

I got Flounder! And I wanted to get Baymax but they don’t have him anymore?!! I was also thinking if I should get the mini Duffy and ShellieMay Tsums but I already have the medium ones… hmmm.

These mugs are soooo cute! But Kevin wouldn’t let me get them lol :( !

These Mike and Sulley mugs are cute too!

Lol only saw that the guy had a towel on his head when I was editing this photo LOL.

Weeee! Guess what… Baymax has a colour-changing light inside him LOL we saw when we passed by someone with it at night.

Cute theme this time! The park also had 16 stickers of characters drawn in this style for people to collect.

L’omg Stark Expo?!?!?! I’m coming back next year :(

Our first stop was Tomorrowland cause it was basically right there, and we went for the Space Mountain ride. There was a girl (in her late teens) sitting directly behind me and boy could she scream. Her screams scared me more than the ride. Okay fine the ride wasn’t really even scary but it’s fast and pretty fun and I liked it :) apart from the screams. We wanted to play the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters too and were even debating about whether I can/can’t beat Kevin’s score this time, but unfortunately the ride was closed!



Last year, we skipped this location cause we somehow didn’t have enough time to walk the entire park. So this time we had to come! We went to “it’s a small world” for the heck of it, and “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”. I must say this area is the most kid-friendly area because all the rides/attractions are clearly for kids! We couldn’t be bothered riding the Cinderella Carousel, Dumbo “flying” ride and Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups spinning ride.

This was kinda scary LOOOL they could use some nicer railings really.

Behold my blurry iPhone photos. Actually took a tooonnnn of photos in here but most turned out blurry haha oops!

Thought these were really cute!

Super colourful throughout the whole boat ride.

I actually wish all the dolls looked like these round cutesy ones instead of those on the left… cause the main dolls look kinda creepy especially with all the under lighting they have to use.

Canada representin’ by this RCMP officer hahaha.

Random bird hahaha. Kevin was like wtf you dowun’.

Cute honeypot cars!

LOL Sorry no pics of inside the ride cause pretty much all the pics I took are blurry. This ride basically brings you into a chapter of Pooh’s story, with life-sized Pooh and friends figures as you pass through each door/section. There’s also narration throughout, and the car even bops up at down at some point during the ride.


The rest of our shenanigans

At Toy Story Land, we saw that the Toy Story Parachute Drop is back in business (lol) but we didn’t wanna ride it cause it seems like a “watered-down” Hellevator. We stood aside and watched anyways.

And yes it’s a slow-downed version of Hellevator lol.

Then we got some snacks (well, a Churro LOL) cause we were a little hungry. It’s our first time eating a Churro omg.
At first we were like… meh. But after a few more bites I actually grew to like it.

And OJ. The OJ was meh.

We rode the RC Racer pirate-ship ride again. Well I did haha Kevin didn’t ride it with Sheena and I last time. We were seated at the last row this time. Kevin thought the ride was just meh cause he felt that the safety harness that goes on top of us made the ride feel “too safe”, cause “don’t pirate ships usually only have a bar that goes over you?” LOL.

Saw this cute Donald hat when we were cooling down at the shop in Toy Story Land LOL.

We went for the Mystic Manor ride again as we passed through Mystic Point cause why not. There wasn’t really a line anyways.

Then we also went to Grizzly Gulch for our favourite ride, the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (holee that’s a mouthful). Unfortunately the ride became just meh for us this time omg. It’s only our second time riding it! I guess that element of surprise is already donez for us.

We didn’t go into Adventureland this time cause there’s nothing new to explore / nothing fun to ride for us, so what did we do? I got Kevin into sticker-collecting with me LOOOL. I think he hated me for it :( ooeewpps. Anyways we walked around the whole park like at least 3-4 times trying to collect all 16 of the stickers (that I mentioned about earlier). We were still walking when the whole place was dark and the Paint the Night Parade was about to start (and started). We watched Paint the Night last time anyways so we can’t be bothered to watch it again.

Here’s some night time pics from our sticker-collection runs anyways hahaha.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Those cute lighting were actually very colourful  but our phones were unable to capture the colour lol.

Mystic Mansion

Cute buuuuns!

The Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride with pretty lighting.

We did catch the last bit of the parade so took some photos anyway haha. Lightning McQueen is Kevin’s favourite parade prop LOL.

This glowing Mike is pretty creepy to be honest LOL.

We went for another round of hike throughout the park trying to find a restaurant to eat cause we figured if we left, most restaurants would be closed by the time we would reach them. Turns out the restaurants were all closed around the park cause the fireworks show was to start in half an hour. We couldn’t turn back cause we were already more than halfway through the route and so pretty much walked one whole round fml (fol?).

Good thing is there’s still one restaurant open, which is the Main Street Corner Cafe so we settled with that hahaha.

Sulley’s Blue Frightener [HKD$48]. I admit I got this drink cause of the glowing icecube LOL but it tastes pretty nice anyway.
Sprite + some blueberry bits. Very overpriced indeed but what do you expect. It’s Disneyland!

Then our Penne with American Meat Balls and Pesto Cream Sauce [HKD$178] arrived while I was still trying to photograph the drink.
Before I got a proper pic of it Kevin already dug into it. I’m too slow :(. Or Kevin was too hungry. Hehe. Not much to comment about the Penne.

Very sinful Main Street Signature Platter [HKD$178] which we enjoyed. K fine I just love almost anything deep friend.
The crispy stuff around the prawns were good! This dish may be super oily, but didn’t actually taste that oily. Nom nom nom.

One more pic of this at night. Okay I guess it’s not as nice.

And in case you were wondering, we did collect all 16! Fine you probably already saw from my IG hahaha.

Just realized I haven’t taken photos of our store spoils (cookies & snacks, as well as some random gifts from doing a survey, etc etc), so.. well… when I do I’ll update the photos here. Till then!

P/S congrats for making through the post whether you read anything I wrote or not. This post was looong eh?

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