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Met up with Tammy to have lunch! We met at Sheung Wan and wandered around, finally settling at this cafe/restaurant in Central! Tammy wanted to take me to Elephant Grounds for their ice cream sandwich, so we wanted to stay within proximity! Took us a little while to decide what to eat because we were so indecisive and kept changing our minds LOL. I settled with the Mentaiko Pasta [HKD$70] and Tammy got the… Meat Sauce Pasta? I don’t remember and I’m just judging by the picture LOL please correct me Tammy. I don’t remember how much her pasta was exactly either… but it’s somewhere around the same cost as mine. I should really take photos of the menu next time haha.

My dorky smile hah…


Elephant Grounds

We decided to just share one ice cream sandwich because we were still quite full! Apparently this place sells out of their ice cream sandwiches really quickly but we were lucky (well, maybe cause it was raining too). Their flavour of the day was Crunch Cake (with vanilla ice cream). It was yummy, but it literally costed as much as our lunch at HKD$68. Holeemolee.

Then Tammy had to leave to head to her grandma’s so I had a few hours to kill before meeting up with Kevin for dinner. I went to Central and walked around IFC by myself :P haha.


Soho Spice

We walked around SoHo for quite a while before finally settling with this restaurant because I really wanted to dine at a place that was not as noisy. The streets were so noisy with all the business people or clubbers huddling around having their drinks and what not. The menu here got us interested too (Thai/Viet Cuisine) so we hopped right in. Also cause we were starving!

Kevin wanted to get some noodles, and we ended up getting the Pad Thai noodles with prawns and squid [HKD$86]. It was… decent. We felt it could be more flavourful.

This dish was very tasteful, but a shame the meat was overcooked! I forgot what it’s called and for some reason can’t pinpoint it on the menu on their website, but it’s a pork dish with yummy mango sauce (and several pieces of the actual fruit in there as well) and apple slices. It’s one of their Mains, possibly the Roasted crispy pork belly with mango and chilli yam chutney [HKD$148].



Marks & Spencer

On the way home we went to M&S because I wanted to get more Red Currant Puffs! Ended up getting a lot more stuff than planned cause we had a coupon, but couldn’t be bothered to read the fine print and turns out the coupon could only be used on clothing items. We took some items out at the cashier, but still ended up with a little haul LOL.

Got this All Butter Scottish Shortbread cause I couldn’t resist the adorable container!! Really pricey though… HKD$148.

There’s I think 3 in a stack, and 3 rows of them. They are the crunchy type of shortbread.

This Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles caught my eye with its cute box [HKD$118].

It’s actually pretty yummy too! Powdered on the outside and gooey champagne filling on the inside. Love it.

2 boxes of Red Currant Puffs [HKD$20 each], a pack of All Butter Viennese [HKD$28], and an All Butter Scottish Dark Chocolate Chunk Shortbread [HKD$36]. The puffs are my all time fave and every time I open a pack I have to refrain myself from eating the whole pack (15 pieces inside) in one sitting!

May 29th Edit: I tried the Chocolate Chunk Shortbreads too and OMG I LOVE THEM. So addictive omg I need to buy more. Kevin was upset because I didn’t save him any LOL. There was only 9 pieces inside….. Need. Moar. *Drooling*

Tried this peach Mochi that’s also from Kevin’s mom’s Japan snack haul. Cute packaging detail with the peach skin colour/texture.

Looks like this, and has some peach filling inside. I thought I took a pic but I didn’t •_• but it was just pink anyways!



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