An Insta Friend & DIY Cam

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Met up with a long-time pretty pretty friend of mine, Belinda, whom I met on Instagram many years ago! Was an exciting/interesting experience and thank goodness we hit it off right away. We were initially gonna go to 18 Grams for lunch but the building the cafe was originally at was under renovations, so it got relocated. We took a long while hunting for the new location and when we did finally get there, they were only serving beverages… apparently. So we left to look for another restaurant. By this time we were both very hungry and just wanted to settle anywhere to eat. So we went into this Thai restaurant called ICON THAI 金滿象正宗泰國菜. Bottom line: it sucked.

Pad Thai: bland and just… meh.

I got a honey-pomelo(?) drink and Belinda got a coconut drink.

Some pineapple and chicken fried rice. The chicken tasted very… chickeny. Like stale or old chicken.

Mandatory wefie! I actually didn’t really wanna take photos cause I wasn’t wearing eye makeup hahaha :X.


After eating we walked around and went to Langham place to meet up with Belinda’s new friend whom she met on the plane lol. We ended up walking around Langham for awhile, just chatting. Then we found ourselves at the arcade, and went in just to check stuff out. Belinda wanted to check out the Purikura machines cause, well, both of us hadn’t used one of these things in a long long time!

We were initially planning to take some Purikura, but then we decided to just take wefies inside the booth with our phones LOL. Their lighting setup is really on the next level now man, these machines…

Afterwards I went off to meet Kevin while Belinda continued hanging out with her new friend(s)! On the way home we bought this Gakken Mook that came with this 35mm Twin-Lens Reflex Camera!

Need to buy some film to test it out!



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