Kam Wah & HeSheEat

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June 13th

The day before I dyed my hair, I met up with Belinda again because we both wanted to shop in Mongkok. So that was our 2nd consecutive day meeting up! We went to Kam Wah because I was craaaaaving for 菠蘿油 (Pineapple Bun w/ Butter Slice)!

Honestly I wasn’t impressed with the service, but to be fair these type of restaurants are usually like this. What I was quite bothered about was that the servers used their bare hands to grab the food that’s to be served to clients! They walk around inside and even outside the restaurant, touching everything around them and yet they can’t be bothered to clean their hands before grabbing, or at least use some sort of utensils to grab the food! Ugh. Anyway I tried not to think too much about it so I could at least swallow my food.

Yummy yummy pineapple bun. But it freaking falls apart all over the place LOL. Kevin then reminded me after that I was supposed to flatten the bun before eating it so it doesn’t fall apart as much. Apparently that’s the way to eat it…?

Their egg tarts weren’t bad as well!

And my love for chicken pies made me order them even though we were already getting full LOL. Really should’ve just ordered 1 to share because everything was soooo filling. Although different from the usual chicken pies I normally get, this version was really good — soft and sweet!

Spent the rest of the day shopping so didn’t take any more photos.


June 16th

Met up with Belinda again and we went to shop in Mongkok… again LOL. We kinda walked along the street (Tung Choi St.?) that has all those pet stores. Snuck a few photos of puppies hahah oops…

After shopping for awhile, Belinda had to go to a fashion show that was part of her job (as a fashion intern). So I continued shopping by myself for a bit before heading down to Causeway Bay to meet Kevin there.

Bought this floppy hat at F21! Why am I holding onto the hanger while taking a pic? I dunno ._, loooll.


Met up with Kevin at F21 and we decided to go try HeSheEat for dinner. Had to queue for quite awhile since it was dinner time after all. We sat down and looked over the menu, and right after we ordered, the couple beside us (window seat) left and we asked if we could be moved over. The waitress we asked said they will clean up the table first (which was what she was doing). Then another waiter came by when the girl didn’t come back, and he refused to give us the seat because the next people in line were gonna be seated there =_=”. I honestly think we should’ve just moved ourselves LOL because after he said that it still took several minutes for them to seat the next 2 people down. That really spoiled our mood and we decided not to order dessert anymore.

All Day Brunch consisting of 1) Sauteed spinach, 2) Portobello mushrooms, 3) Corn fritter, 4) Scrambled eggs, and 5) Bacon.

Black truffle, portobello mushroom and asparagus risotto.

Then we walked around the building to browse the shops.  Saw these Tsum-wannabe speaky toys at one of the toy stores.


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