Thailand Day 1 (Part iii)

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Day 15 of our Asia 2014 vacation, which is also the 1st day of our 6-Day Thailand trip!

Royal Flora Garden

Because we had some time before dinner, we decided to make a quick stop at the garden instead of waiting till the next day. The funny thing is we only had like… roughly an hour(?) before the garden closes. Needless to say we did not walk the entire park.

Lights out!

Lights out!


I was clearly in the mood to take photos.

I was clearly in the mood to take photos lol



According to the photos’ records we spent 45 minutes there. Hahahaha.

Guys. I was DYING from the heat. And to think there was a couple taking wedding photos there lol! They had a helper constantly fanning the bride. But seriously. Omg.


Dinner stop! Khantoke Dinner

Let’s just say we didn’t really enjoy this meal lol. Food was cold. We could constantly smell the washroom. The kitchen or whatevers are right below the dining hall and how do we know? We saw through the cracks in the floorboards of course. Imagine all the dust from everyone’s feet falling into whatever’s below. Yum!

The performance was alright. We had a good laugh at the end when my uncle (was the only one who) volunteered to join the folk dance or whatever it was haha.

Soap carvings!
Soap carvings!

Retreated to our hotel after. We stayed at the Suriwongse Hotel Chiangmai. Let’s just say the bathroom gets flooded when you try to take a shower. Other than that, OH AND the weird scented-oil (or whatever it was) smell throughout the hotel… especially in the lobby… the room and complimentary breakfast was alright. I only ate cereal though HAHA but the rest of my family indulged in congee… fried eggs, and all that jazz.

Almost forgot… Kevin’s initial room smelled heavily of cigarette smoke!! We had to go through a hassle to change the room because they told us there was no more rooms available… but it got changed in the end so at least that got sorted out.




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