Thailand Day 1 (Part ii)

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Day 15 of our Asia 2014 vacation, which is also the 1st day of our 6-Day Thailand trip!

Our first actual tour stop from our itinerary lol!


Doi Suthep Temple

But no, we did not climb the 300-stepped stairs. I mean come on we have elderly (6_6 )… ( 9_9)… (^_^”)

AND somebody took my grandpa’s new pair of shoes. What the heck? Who steals at a temple?!?! We haven’t even completed the first day of our tour and we already have missing belongings lol. Argh…


Yes all my photos (so far) are from my iPhone, with post of course. *Wiggles fingers*

iPhone photos have a funny resolution though. Or is it just me? *—*


NEXT STOP: Royal Flora Garden!


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