Donguri Republic + Little Vegas

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Went to meet up with Kevin after he got off work to have dinner! We decided to check out Little Vegas because Raymond recommended it. We were originally gonna have dinner there together that day (instead of ending up at CoCo Ichibanya) but we couldn’t figure out how to get there and were starving LOL. Anyways when we got to the location, there was a long ass line outside the building just for the elevator! So intense mang. We lined up, and also called the restaurant to see if we could make a booking. They told us we would probably have to wait till 9+ but we decided to continue lining up to see if we’d get lucky. We finally reached the elevator (lol), got up, and were told that we would probably only be seated at 9:30pm. Dang it… I was so hungry :( but we put down our name/number anyways and went to walk around in Times Square.

We tried hunting for some snacks while we waited to be called by the restaurant, but got distracted by the Donguri Republic store (which we also visited at I think Harbour City, on my last trip). It’s a store that sells Studio Ghibli merchandise! I took some photos this time hehe.

Could not for the life of me take a clear photo of the Catbus •_•.

Cute Totoro speakers!


This Kaonashi vase was mega cute!! I want one… but 30 bucks omg.



Then we finally went to actually look for snacks haha oops! Settled on Häagen-Dazs….. and then we took awhile deciding what to get LOL. I wanted to try this interesting looking Soy and Black Sesame cake thingamabob, and Kevin just got a Lemon… cake.

My cake’s skin peeling off lol. Which made me realize I got tricked! It’s not actually half-soy and half-black sesame… but full on soy with half of it powdered with black sesame… •_•”. Kay.

But I guess there’s black sesame filling inside haha. It was alright but the soy was pretty bland. Kevin’s not a fan of soy and although I got him to taste it, he didn’t like it, and was happy with his little lemon dome (which was pretty tasty).


Little Vegas

We went around browsing for cameras before we finally got ringed up at around 9:30pm actually to go have our dinner lol.

Greeted by this candy-filled glass.

Cool menus I guess!

We ordered this Fruit Tea in Secret Garden [HKD$58] cause we saw lots of people drinking it. Not bad!

And pretty big! But not that big if you’re sharing I guess :P

I was gonna get the Mixed Mushroom Penne with Black Truffle Sauce, but since Kevin wanted the Black Truffle Mushroom Pizza [HKD$118], I got the Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese [HKD$128] instead. Which ended up having truffle anyway LOL.

My ravioli was yummy :) satisfied!

Kevin’s pizza was “meh”. We didn’t really enjoy it that much. Tasted like those confectionery store pizza buns lol.


I had to choose a Donguri Republic photo for the thumbnail of this post because my feed was seriously starting to look like some food blog LOL. But um… MORE yummy food tomorrow! Hehehe.


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