24th Birthday

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Today, I turned 24!

Started today’s activities with lunch at Country Meadows with Celia, Jeff, and one of their bridesmaids and groomsmen Kumiko and Charles! Everyone had like wraps/sandwiches and I had pasta lol. I love my pastas okay. We had potato skin and spinach dip appetizers as well. Didn’t take pictures of those. Oops!

I had Seafood Linguine! After lunch and chatting about Celia & Jeff’s wedding planning, us girls went to A Wedding Affair. Ate lots of sweet stuff and took some photos at photo booths. Got a goodie bag filled with brochures and some snacks as well haha!

Edited my hair a bit because it was kinda weird LOL.

We are really noobs at posing in photobooths lolol.

Went home after the event ended! Mom prepared dinner with the help of my older sis. She was actually already preparing the ingredients all afternoon yesterday. 辛苦妳了媽咪~ ❤

Salted egg yolk pork ribs~ Tastes gooood :)

Chestnut Cake! Tastes a bit like Taro? And… who adds last names to birthday cakes? My mom does LOL. She said it was only after she submitted the name that she realized she didn’t have to give my last name hahaha. Oh mom.

Dad was silly too. I cut the cake halfway and let him and my older sis finish cutting it (their birthday’s up next!). He didn’t understand what he was supposed to do, and when I tried explaining to him that they were supposed to finish cutting the cake, he was like “yea isn’t it already cut?!” Okay it was funnier when it happened… :( and we were speaking in Mandarin anyways. #BadAtRetellingJokes

Birthday gifts / mini “haul” in the next post!


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