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A day of shopping with Limin in the day before fooood! We went for a super late lunch (pretty much dinner) cause I messed up our schedule. I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t even have the mood to put on proper makeup :( meh.

Selfie on le bus.


caffè HABITŪ

Came to this cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui (The One shopping mall to be exact) cause Limin was intrigued by their menu. Couldn’t decide what to get as usual hahaha. I was deciding between the Linguine Vongole, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Lasagna Bolognese. My first choice was actually the Spaghetti Funghi but it seemed like I kept eating mushroom/truffle pasta LOL so I removed it from my options •_•. Limin decided she would get the Linguine, so I got the Carbonara since I haven’t had Carbonara in awhile.

Our drinks! Mine’s the Original Cioccolata (grande size), and hers the Rose Latte, both HKD$46.

Limin thought her Rose Latte was just so-so :\ but I on the other hand LOVE my chocolate drink! It’s so chocolatey!
I actually got a 2nd one when Kevin arrived to join us hahaha.

My Spaghetti Carbonara [HKD$88]. Not bad!
I usually like my Carbonara creamier, but I guess not being that creamy leaves you room for desserts hahaha.

Sorry for le grainy photos. The cafe was too dimly lit for le iPhone again •_•;.

Limin’s Linguine Vologne [HKD$92]. Apparently she didn’t really enjoy it :\ disappointment for both her items!


We then walked around The One / Miramar a bit before walking a few blocks for our dessert!


Coffee Alley / 咖啡弄

This dessert place is pretty much an Asian hipster cafe LOL. Coffee Alley originated in Taiwan, and it was kinda funny that the servers had to yell greetings/commands/requests (etc) in Mandarin. *Shrug*

Here’s a few pages of their menu for an idea of all the delicious looking desserts they serve!! I’m not gonna list the prices of the items here cause I don’t remember haha. Oops! Didn’t get to take more photos of the menu cause the server was taking them away in a hurry.

Note that the menu indicates at the bottom that minimum charge per person is ONE DRINK.
Doesn’t matter however many desserts you order. Everyone needs to order a drink. That threw us off a bit.

Limin got this Iced Fresh Fruit Tea at the top of the page and Kevin got the Fresh Strawberry Slush (no photo of it •_•).

Got that Sunflower Seed and Black Sesame Ice Cream Waffles on the top right.

We also got the Strawberry Mille-feuille.

Limin’s Fruit Tea hahahaha Lipton!!

We didn’t really eat the cream haha. I ate none of the cream at all 1) because I don’t like cream and 2) it didn’t taste good either lol.

This actually looks good eh!

How I ate my portion LOL. Okay to me the waffle was too thick (in both height and consistency). Not actually that tasty to me :\ but I did like the black sesame ice cream though! Then again I love black sesame everything (kinda) so… hahaha. The sunflower seed paste(?) was kinda interesting. Tasted a bit like 豆沙 (green bean paste), however seemed like both Limin and Kevin didn’t like it!

We got my Sesame Mocha (if I remember correctly) to go cause we were soooo full. We actually ordered Kevin and my drinks during their last call cause we were initially just gonna share the fruit tea (not knowing we each needed to get a drink). My coffee came cutely packaged, to our surprise. It was a really small cup though. Forgot to take a pic of it! Tasted… meh. Just like mocha with bits of semi-ground sesame added into it. Wouldn’t get it again though haha.

And then we went home lugging our tummies with us hahaha. Later in the night Kevin and I shared this little can of grape juice (with actual whole grapes inside hehehe) that we got from the supermarket run that other day. Yum!


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