Singapore Art Museum and what not

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January 25th

It was a day of family activities pretty much! Family lunch and family dinner hahaha. I stayed home to do some work as well so not much interesting stuff to post about! Actually one thing I noticed is that after I started using Snapchat more, I sometimes forget to take actual photos of things lol.

Anyways, we had lunch at Imperial Treasure, consisting of Lou Hei (捞起魚生 / Prosperity Salad Toss), some yummy crispy roasted pork belly (燒肉), and some other yummy dishes but I didn’t take pics because I was the only “youngster” there and didn’t wanna seem like a derp LOL.

Our “dessert”. I really liked the 叉燒酥 (Char Siew Puff Pastry). The dough is sweet while the pork is kinda salty. Best of both sweet and savoury!

On the way home I lost one of the screws from my sunglasses =_=… in the car… Dug around when we got home but still couldn’t find it! Ugh.

We had hotpot for dinner


And then fruits and cake for dessert, which happened to be all my FAVES!! Papayas, pineapples, and Awfully Chocolate’s Rum and Cherry Chocolate Cake. Love love love.



January 26th

It was funny how I was just kinda thinking of wanting to eat this simple olive fried rice because Jo used to make it as well during our last trip back to SG, and boom, she made it for me for brunch! Hahaha.


Went to the Singapore Art Museum with Fang! We actually really just wanted to go to 7Kickstart, but we thought since we had time, might as well visit the museum since we’ve both never been. We actually did walk around almost the entire museum, but I kinda forgot to take actual photos because I was posting videos on Snapchat hahaha oops…..

Hahahaha first thing we did was to take a selfie together as well lol!

An exhibition going on at the SAM which I did take pictures of (lol) was The Alchemists. You can actually look at and read about the works on their website [here] so I’m not gonna write much about it all. I’ll post a couple of my favourites though (description text taken from pamphlet/website):

Aura Tropicale – “The honeycomb structure softly receives a drop of lemongrass extract, allowing the essence to flow down its stem-like vessels and be absorbed. This repurposed ceramic filter is possibly one of the most sophisticated industrial material to be used in the diffusion of aroma. Its porosity holds the oil and the scent is released slowly over time.”

Les Raconteurs – “This is an interactive artefact that depicts archaeological drawings found in Burkina Faso that have never been deciphered. Inspired by how players create meaning with tiles of alphabets in some board games, this tool encourages one to interpret those misterious symbols through the composition of stories, thus participating in the effort to understand them.”

Time and Space – “Clocks become physical manifestations of our desire to accurately quantify and make sense of time’s perpetuity. This project celebrates immeasurable time instead. By reconstructing and introducing parallax error into a clock, a once accurate instrument has been turned into an experience of perpetual movement, of time passing – inaccurate and hardly measurable.”

MATr – “Laser sintering allows to create fantastical forms, but the freedom to push the limits of the technique leads to objects too fragile to survive the process. MATr redefines the support structures that make these objects possible, as separate designed objects in their own right, giving rise to the manufacturing of objects within other objects.”


Here’s another one of my favourites:


So anyway by the time we went back to 7Kickstart, which was about when the museum was almost closing (7pm), we found out that 7Kickstart was closing as well! We were surprised because we did read that they close at 8pm (double checked before we went into the SAM), but apparently they close at the same time of the museum. We just stood there so confused… and then the girl said they were closing early without stating the reason, and asked us if we were there for the salted egg yolk french toast. We said yes, and Fang even said we went all the way there just for that hahahah. So the girl went to ask the kitchen if they were still able to make the dish, and fortunately, along with their fried snacks menu, the two salted egg yolk dishes (the french toast + sweet potato fries) were still able to be made. The girl then proceeded to tell us that we have to be finished by 7:30 because they wanted to be completely closed by 8pm. So we were like okay…..

Got our fill of yummy salted egg yolk snacks! We also got drinks but they were kinda overpriced for their size and nothing to be raved about.


Also did a little update on my bruise LOL:


And then we walked around town for a little before heading home!

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