Bus Accident (Story)

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We went to Kevin’s maternal grandparents’ place for Mother’s day brunch! It was pretty funny cause Kevin’s maternal grandma loves Western fast food so we had a fast food potluck of KFC and Pizza Hut LOL. Forgot to take a photo though. After that we just pretty much sat around and had snacks while Kevin’s mom sorts out the snacks/vitamins/foods etc she brought back from Canada or the States for the family.

Cute Japanese snack from when Kevin’s mom had a stopover at Japan.

I tried to recreate the effect of the filter in the previous pic (on top) that I posted to Instagram, but failed, so here’s a “whatever” edit lolol.

And then we were headed for Shum Shui Po, where our bus met with a minor accident on the way. The bus braked abruptly all of a sudden, and I actually didn’t even realize we were hit until everyone rushed over to the side of the bus to look out the window (like all the ‘suaku’ asians that they are :X LOL). The minor accident still caused quite a bit of delay… and blocked up almost the entire intersection.

Bus driver and the driver of the Benz ringing up their gangz. Lol jk.

Cars that couldn’t get across. More to the right of the bus, but there was a big ad that covered the window from my seat so I couldn’t take a proper pic. Then everyone decided to alight and hop on the next bus when it was in sight lol. Not like we could get going anyway but yea.

All the cars ended up u-turning or doing whatever they could to gtfo while the bus and Benz waited for the popo lol.

All was then… NOT well.

The bus we boarded was older, warm, had a musky smell, and worst of all, a lady beside us seemed like she had just came back with a haul from the wet market because her cart stunk up the bus (or at least the front part of the bus, where we had to stand because there were no more seats left)!! And if you know me you’d understand that I have a very sensitive nose, and that I cannot for the life of me stand fishy smells (reason why I don’t eat mussels/oysters/clams etc, and sashimi. Ok another reason I don’t eat sashimi is just that I don’t eat raw meat but sometimes sashimi do smell fishy too.).

Kevin and I were praying as we approached every stop that she would alight, but after quite awhile she finally stood up… AND MOVED RIGHT NEXT TO US. Omfg. Omfg. But it’s okay, she’s getting off the bus already.

Bus stopped. Door opened.

She did not alight! Wtf?!

Okay I know I sound like we were being very dramatic. But the truth is, we were really gasping for some (non-existent) fresh air!! Imagine: a bus with somewhat broken A/C, on a hot day, packed full of people, including a lady with a cart of wet-market “goods”. At every single stop we expected her to alight, but she just had to keep giving us false hope T_T. Why auntie, why?

Many long stops later she finally alighted. I seriously hope whoever the lady is cooking those fishy stuff for appreciated her efforts for getting them (and being “hated” upon by people who hate fishy smells *ahem*).


Anyway after several more stops we finally managed to get seats at the back of the bus. It was a damn long journey with the accident and all, cheezus. At Shum Shui Po all I got was my Sim card. My period had came in the morning and I didn’t really have the mood to shop since I was having lots of cramps this time :\. Kevin bought a lot of little electronic gadgets/trinkets though; it was his day LOL. Then we had a relatively quick dinner before heading home. Didn’t even had the mood to take photos of our food haha but we had some fusion pasta and risotto.


Also had ice cream late at night LOL. Bought 2 boxes of small and mini-sized Häagen-Dazs cups from yesterday’s supermarket run.


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