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Look what arrived at my door from halfway across the globe! Probably too early to post, but I’m so excited!


Min and I went to the same primary school. The funny thing is, we never actually talked to each other then (but we’ve seen each other around / knew of each other’s existence hahaha), until several years ago when we connected on Facebook. We began chatting with each other and it was wonderful how we just clicked. The past couple of years we kinda “lost contact” again, I guess mainly because we were both busy with university. We also connected through our blogs, and I guess we both stopped blogging as well. So I’m so surprised that she still remembered my birthday this year and even got me a gift! The last mail I got from her was when we were both still living at our old addresses!

Thank you Teomin :)

You make me feel like not so great of a friend LOL I better step up my game… But anyway I love the little card, and I love the wood letter decor! It’s going on my work desk for sure. I’m kinda glad that you chose to get me an ‘F’ instead of a ‘C’ for some reason (F for 菲 right?!). Interesting choice :P!

Remember you said you were gonna visit me in Canada? Huh? Huh? Did you win the lottery yet? Hurry up! LOL. Actually a couple days ago I suddenly had a thought of wanting to visit Japan, and then I thought it’d be nice if we could travel around together and you show me around and stuff. Hahaha so random right? But seriously though if you ever move to Japan I’ll come stay with you and eat your food hahaha.

Anyway I hope you’ll be visiting Singapore again mid year because I’m going back as well!

Miss you & hope to see you soon <3

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  1. Jiawen
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    Chanced upon your blog via your IG post, so sweet of Teo Min! Hope all is well for the both of you <3

    • Cheryl
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      Thank you Jiawen! <3

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