Bath & Body Works Haul

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B&BW’s Semi-Annual Sale is when you go and grab yourself a huge haul of products hahahaha. Hand soaps were 10 for $33 and Signature Body Care are Buy 3 Get 3 Free. On top of that I used the $10 off $30 purchase coupon (separated my hand soaps and body care into 2 purchases since my mom was with me). How could I pass up such a deal *v* hehe.

Love when the phone unintentionally does macros…

I was a bit sad that I didn’t see the Endless Weekend (my favourite) hand soap at the Coquitlam store I went to. Also didn’t see the Fresh Picked, Provence, and spring time (Spring Poppies & Picnics, White Lily & Lime) collections. Maybe I was too rushed and missed them :S ?

Also only got deep cleansing cause I’m a cleanliness freak and foaming soaps don’t seem to feel very clean for me although I should really try some next time (they have cuter bottle designs too wth I’m such a sucker for packaging).

Hand soaps after discount and taxes: $25.76
Body care after discount and taxes: $36.41

I honesty would’ve gotten more shower gels if I weren’t already buying the hand soaps lol!… Had to hold onto all that liquid while we went to the grocery store for my mom to grab some stuff.

New fragrance looks temptiiiing!

I got $10 off $30 purchase coupons again so hopefully their Buy 3 Get 3 deal doesn’t go away soon so I’ll go back and grab more shower gels! *Crazy*

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