Burgers Day and Night

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Okay the funny thing about this day is that we did not plan to have burgers for brunch AND dinner. I didn’t know where we were headed for brunch after meeting up with Kevin with his mom after he got off his half-day work. We went to this really simple 茶餐廳 (coffee-shop kinda place) for the HK-style cheap-and-simple meals.

I got a 豬扒包 (Pork-Chop Bun). Kevin got a hot dog bun that looked ridiculous (the hot dog was tiny on the bun HAHAHA), which he should’ve gotten double-hot dogs with when he was asked. Darn it why didn’t I take a photo. Kevin’s mom got a beef (instant) noodle soup.

Then it rained heavily and we all forgot our umbrellas so we had to buy some at 7-eleven. Urgh. And then after a short while the rain stopped. What luck! We just ended up walking around the malls in Causeway Bay anyways.



I came across photos of yummy looking burgers and fries from this place on Instagram, and it was one of the brunch options with Raymond where we ultimately settled for Brunch Club (yes, that day). Photos are kinda shitty cause we went at night (when it was raining again) and the lighting in there was kinda dim.

I saw photos of their delicious looking thick-wedge fries with avocado sauce and wanted to order that. But Kevin wanted to get the curly fries instead, and since they don’t put the avocado dip directly on top for the curly fries, we had it as a (pretty expensive) side topping. I had high hopes for this but it turned out TOO SALTY. The fries were too salty. The dip was too salty. I hope it’s just something that went wrong in their kitchen that day cause I really wanna give it a second chance… with thick wedge fries next time. The Melted Cheese Twister fries was HKD$48 (with an added HKD$10 for the avocado dip…).

Kevin’s burger that was kinda falling apart lol. He got the Portobello Cheese Burger [HKD$105].

Red stuff are tomatoes, just in case LOL. Note the big fat juicy mushroom!

I got the Portobello Sole Fish Burger [HKD$105] while Kevin’s mom got the Pineapple Sole Fish Burger [HKD$85].

The fish was really soft and yummy while the mushroom, fat and juicy. I think I preferred the pineapple version with a hint of sweetness!

The majestic stack that was way too tall for my mouth.

Kevin’s stack. Wait why’s the beef so red in this photo…?

Got a second helping of their yummy Kiwifruit Juice (in the photos above) before we went to walk around some more while we let our tummies digest. The juice tastes just like the Kiwi bubble tea that I liked to get from Estea in Aberdeen Mall back in Richmond, but it was a little pricey •_• at HKD$38 for the small cup. We went to Aeon/Daiso cause Kevin’s mom wanted to buy some stuff there.

While we wandered around aimlessly browsing everything and anything, I came across this wall of costume/props. Put on this yellow hat, went up beside/behind Kevin and started singing the Bob the Builder theme song. When he finally decided to turn around to see why I was singing, he burst out laughing. Not because of Bob the Builder, but because the hat was so small on my head. Turns out he didn’t even know what I was singing -_- LOL wtheck.

Then we went to Log-On where I was persuaded out of buying some Tsum Tsum products. And Kevin wanted a pic with chibi Iron Man.


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