2014 Recap

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2014 was a helluva roller-coaster ride for me, as I’m sure it was for many others as well. I began the year with tons of anticipation. I wanted to finish up my undergrad degree as soon as I could. I wanted to use my last year of undergrad courses to build more portfolio worthy projects. I wanted to move on from school and enter the workforce. I wanted to start enjoying life during my leisure time again. As determined as I was though, I found myself dreading each day as time went by. For some reason I became quite a sour person. I had so little patience for people and things. I got annoyed easily. I’m not gonna get into the unhappy stuff… but yeah! #LifeOfAnAntiSocial #JustKidding #ImOnlySelectivelySocial

My undergrad career, thankfully, ended with a number of accomplishments. I got to attend a couple of conferences which really opened my eyes to the industry. This would of course not have happened had I not have done my Honours. My Honours project also got me featured several times in our university news (*hides*). I actually don’t even know why I decided so last-minute to do my Honours. Kevin and I were just sitting at dinner one day discussing about courses and electives, planning out the remainder of our undergrad terms. Somehow we got to the topic of my GPA being high enough to apply, and that I could do another game design project to add to my portfolio. So, I spontaneously went to our advisor to sign up. In terms of achievements, I was actually part of the Dean’s Honour Roll thrice and in my final term and also scored a position on the President’s Honour Roll (*teary eyes*). Come to think of it, I’ve never really thought about getting on the honour roll(s). I worked hard on the courses I really enjoyed, and it just happened. I’m really thankful for the profs who had been so generous to me, and also to several really awesome/skilled group mates (especially for my advanced game design course; I owe you guys one!) who made my courses less stressful.

If I could go back and redo the entire (school) year, I would’ve not let myself be affected by crappy people (life goes on with or without them riding on your back after all, right?). I would’ve taught myself to be more patient. Be more understanding. Have an open heart. Be even more appreciative. 知足!

Of course though, even if I had a choice, I wouldn’t go back and redo the year.
Hello 2015, lemme embrace ya ❣

Oh yes after my convocation, My family went back to Singapore for an extended vacation (and also visited Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong). Will be posting about the trips subsequently to kick-start my 2015 blogging venture *grin*! However I will be dating these posts to the dates of the actual events (in 2014) for easy-tracking purposes.

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