About the Project

This project was part of a precedent study from a Spatial Design course. The purpose of this three-part precedent study project was to allow us to have a closer look at how a particular architect succeeds in great designs, starting from the basics such as their design processes, to the values they developed that recur throughout their work. For this project, my team studied Zaha Hadid and her renowned Rosenthal Center for the Contemporary Art. To help us get a good grasp of our chosen architect’s respective architectural design, we were required to recreate the building in three forms of scale models: a physical card board model, a physical chip board model, and finally a digital 3D model.

For the third part of this project, we modelled the Rosenthal Center in 3D to illustrate our understanding on the architecture’s spatial flow and how Hadid creates the link between herself as the architect, her architecture, and the users with her strategically mapped out building structure.

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  • 3D modeling
    • Contributed as a modeler for parts of our 3D building
    • Contributed to the lighting of our 3D scene
  • Photo-manipulation work on 3D renders
    • Touched-up on flawed areas of renders, such as light leaks in between objects and unintended gaps between objects
    • Contributed to the integration of scale people and additional lighting
    • Integrated 3D model of building into photo of actual site
  • Presentation slides
    • Contributed to the information and organization of our presentation slides
    • Organized and laid out our presentation slides


Full Presentation Slides

  • PROJECT TYPE: Spatial Design, 3D Modeling
  • PROGRAMS USED: Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • CLIENT: Course Project (Spatial Design)
  • PROJECT YEAR: 2010

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