About the Project

This facial animation project was part of my directed studies in my senior undergraduate year. The animations were created in 3D animation software, Poser Pro. I self-taught and mastered the functionalities of the program by myself in under 2 weeks. The model used for both characters is a pre-made Poser model called Miki 4, with facial features and hair changed.

This animation was based off of YouTube video of the same name by Sam Tabor. The reason for choosing this skit was for its comical value as well as the number of different expressions present in the skit that I would be able to recreate. This segment is a preview only, and the full length version of the video including the climax of the skit will be released in the near future.

  • PROJECT TYPE: 3D Animation
  • PROGRAMS USED: Poser Pro
  • CLIENT: Course Project (Directed Studies: Facial Animation)
  • PROJECT YEAR: 2014

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